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Remarking back anyone?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by luffenham, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. luffenham

    luffenham New commenter

    Just wondered if anyone else had had the KS 2 test writing back from remarking yet? Ours came back today and I was really disappointed. A couple did have one or two marks up but others nothing. I looked at them all myself with a fine tooth comb, as did some other staff members, and we felt there was a lot of undermarking, especially on C + E. But no,the only few extra marks given were awarded on SSP mainly, but only for some children I felt deserved it!
    So guess thats it then... another year where a group of super writers (on the whole) have been judged on two pieces of writing marked very sujectively. Thank goodness a change is coming!
  2. Do you think they've marked it harder to prove that they've done the right thing by changing to Teacher Assessment?
  3. Hah! Got ours back today.
    'We agree that the mark scheme has been misapplied...'
    Apparently, instead of the marker being a total *** who wouldn't recognise a Level 5 piece of work if it smacked him/her in the head, he/she has been TOO generous to the borderline L3/L4 writers we resubmitted and marks were actually taken off.
    Oh how we laughed!

  4. luffenham

    luffenham New commenter

    I dont know. Ive given up second guessing motives. Maybe there are none?[​IMG]
  5. luffenham

    luffenham New commenter

    Cassandra ...I can see how that would make you chuckle[​IMG] Maybe your marking (and remarker ) lives with mine on planet Bonkers!

  6. luffenham

    luffenham New commenter

    Thought Id bump this back up to see if anyone has had more success than us with their remarking!
  7. Hi. Yes got ours back yesterday and no change though marks wrongly applied in 3 questions on one child's reading paper and he only needed 1 mark for L5 reading. I'm not convinced they actually check them again at all.
  8. luffenham

    luffenham New commenter

    Just thought Id try one more bump? Anyone else in the same boat as this?

  9. Three writing papers sent back.
    One increased by three marks (rightfully so into a Level 5), one kept the same and one dropped by 4 marks!
    So an extra Level 5 gained in writing but two deserved children denied even after appeal. Thank goodness for the new arrangements.

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