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Relocating to north Wales

Discussion in 'Cymru - education news' started by Kleeblatt, Aug 23, 2018.

  1. Kleeblatt

    Kleeblatt New commenter

    I'm going to be relocating to north Wales in January due to my husband's job. He'll be working in Bangor. I'm currently an MFL HOD and would be happy with an up, down or sideways move (and prepared to do something temporary to begin with) but we need to decide where to live and I'm struggling to find info about Welsh language requirements. I'm a linguist so I'm keen to learn, but it's going to take time.... can anyone advise about Welsh language requirements for teachers, or point me in the direction of some up to date info?
  2. pennyh.

    pennyh. Occasional commenter

    You could ring schools directly and ask them and how flexible they are and/ or circulate your CV. Ysgol John Bright in Llandudno is probably more flexible than a more welsh speaking area such a Bangor. Try Bangor University too for work opportunities helping students.
  3. unicorn720

    unicorn720 New commenter

    I never had an issue when applying for a school in Denbighshire. I know a lot of staff in other schools in Conwy county and Flintshire who have no issue with not speaking the language. The only Welsh I used in lessons was the date which I had pre-made on cards. A lot of jobs you apply through the council website where it asks the level you speak.

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