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Religion and the media

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by leviosa, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. I tell mine to avoid them at all costs unless there is no way they can do the alternative.

    All th eyears I marked for them when it used to be the media or poverty section before the spec changed - the media was always badly answered even by the best students. I hated marking it - vile - far too much scope to waffle.
  2. Have to completely agree with the above poster.

    I have always told my GCSE groups to avoid the media questions, unless they find the other section difficult, and this year will be no exception as the question is often not answered well.
    I would be interested to see just how many students across the country answer the media question as Edexcel would make a lot more people happier by removing this.
  3. I would be even happier if they removed the government action on community cohesion - if anyone can work out how to teach that in an even vaguely interesting way let alone exciting then please enlighten me!
  4. Well if you teach unit 10.4 - vocation and living the Christian life - in an exciting way, then please let me know! =p

    Happy to trade resources for the community cohesion unit!

  5. Lol not for a few years now faldamir - think it must be compulsory to have one mega boring topic to teach! Says she who is big into vocation in other areas of her life!

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