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religion and football Year 7

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by jessiejump, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. Hi, I have an LEA assisted review coming up .... I want to do a lesson on religion and football with a levelled assessment incoropated into it. I have a few ideas but wandered if anyone had any better ones! It is for a 50/55 min lesson.... lowish ability with literacy issues. I was thinking of a starter with a pic of Jesus and David Beckham - similarities/differences. Then maybe a bit of the You Tube video Hallowed be thy game. A matching exercise on religion and football ie:-football chants, hymns. I was then going to ask them to write a short piece of writing on the similarities between football and religion with a sucess critera for each level, peer mark. Probably too much for one lesson. Any brain wave ideas please, greatly appreciated as I am the only specialist in department and I want something brilliant for my non specialists and myself of course! Many thanks in advance. J x
  2. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    My experience of yr 7 is that they know so little about who Jesus was that this approach could be a bit naf. Indeed when I do anything with yr 7 about Christianity some (negative atheistic types) ask how we know that Jesus really lived - and they have no idea about when he lived, where he lived or anything about his life. <<>>
    I suggest that if you do use this comparison you provide information on both Beckam and Jesus giving an outline of their lives to the age of 30, where born, when born, parents, interests, a bit about their careers (Jesus' youth is not clear. He may have just worked with his dad - but some comentators think that he went to learn about spiritual things in the East and returned to Israel when the time came to start his mission, getting baptised and then preaching etc. Then obviously there is the marriage of 'Beckam in contrast to Jesus staying single - their activities - prayer, teaching, healing versus football in various parts of the world - popularity, opposition - and who will be remembered 2000 years after their death? and why?
    The idea of looking at the difference between belonging to a religion and being a fan of a particular football team is something different. The social side of belonging, the shared experience of singing together etc is worth exploring - and the happiness of celebrating something great together. You could also look at the underbelly of both - the way some supporters of a team behave towards supporters of opposing teams - and the way that defeat can leave lots of people feeling very low.<<>>
    There is a parallel in religious intollerance for the first aspect of this - but not so much for the other. You don't all go to church or mosque etc and come out feeling gutted!
    With an older, more knowledgeable group I might suggest a parallel with the way the early disciples felt gutted when Jesus had been crucified. They were all afraid of what would happen to them. Then came the resurrection and how their feelings changed - going out into the world to spread the Good News...
    Just a few ideas from the top of my head.
    Good Luck

  3. I'd do Rangers vs Celtic, Tottenham vs Arsenal. Then ask if there are any similar situations in the local area.
    Then ask them whether football rivalries are a bad thing (they create violence) or a good thing (they allow tensions to be resolved by kicking a ball rather than by killing people).

  4. I did an assembly on football and religion when the world cup started. I'll email it to you if you think it could be of use.I have some other bits on football and religion which may be useful too. What you've planned sounds good to me though.
  5. I do one on pilgrimage - it's on one of the BBC videos that Lat Blaylock did - they have 3 short clips on hajj, Golden Temple and Old Trafford. They compare similarities/differences/links and there is a levelled assessment on how football is like a religion or not - complete with sentence starters etc.

    I can e mail you the worksheet for the essay if you like - it would work well with lowere literacy levels as it does the framework for them - they then just put their ideas in it.
  6. I've taught something similar to year 9s mixed ability over several lessons with a levelled assessment on 'Is football a religion'. I would advise that you watch the programme the lesson before the obs if possible so that it doesn't take up too much time in your observed lesson. You may like to recap a few minuted worth just to show variety of approaches/resources or not.
    You could start with 'What are the key features of a religion?' and use this to create a mind map in one colour which you could then get students to add to in another colour info about football e.g. religious leader, place of worship.
    I could email you the stuff we used (let me know) but it would need adapting to fit into a much shorter time frame. I cannot put them on TES resources as I didn't create them.
    I would consider finishing with an opinion line and get students to move and be ready to explain their view.
  7. Yes please ... would love the resources you have on football and religion.
  8. My email is jessicadejager@tiscali.co.uk
    Can everyone who offered resources please send me, as it would be really useful.
    Thanks you
  9. Hi there,
    This is my first time using the forums so unsure if i am being totally cheeky but was wondering if you could tell me a bit more about this lat blaylock video...i cant find it anywhere. I currently trying to teach the AQA religion sport and leisure and it is so dull. Its a mixed ability class and im struggling to engage the lower ability kids. Where do i find the lat worksheet?
    any help would be really appreciated
    Thank you.
  10. cinderellyfaerie

    cinderellyfaerie New commenter


    Please may i have the link for the videos?? Thanks xxx (hope you are well)

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