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Religion and Contemporary Society - A level

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by pablo_75, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    Does anyone have any experience of teaching Religion and Contemporary Society in AQAs A level RS, or an equivalent Unit with another board? I find the subject matter really interesting so wondered if others had any thoughts on whether it's easy to teach, popular with students etc.
  2. We are about to start the WJEC version and doubled our numbers as a result, beating subjects such as English & Maths.

    Topics such as euthanasia, animal rights, cults & fundamentalism, the media & Freud have seemed popular.

    Am currently producing a student handbook and the first terms SOW but still looking forward to teaching it!
  3. I also teach the WJEC equivalent and it has always proved very popular with students. I've put some resources on Secularisation and NRMs on REStuff. My only reservation with the option is the media unit - too much temptation for them to describe whole episodes of EastEnders in essays. I usually tell them to avoid these questions on the exam paper.
  4. Hi,

    We run the AQA couyrse, i would be really intersted in sharing resouces and ideas etc? is that somethingyou would be intersted in?

    Thank you

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