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Discussion in 'Secondary' started by hummmm, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. Just wondering if anyone knows the rules on staff relationships at school? I.e one teacher in a relationship with another teacher? Also what about student teachers- do they need to follow the same rules?
  2. Just wondering if anyone knows the rules on staff relationships at school? I.e one teacher in a relationship with another teacher? Also what about student teachers- do they need to follow the same rules?
  3. Lulabell77

    Lulabell77 New commenter

    No rules in our school, I met my OH there 4 years ago and we got married in July just past. There are a few married couples in school and a few who have had the odd fling. The kids all know who is married and most of the time pick up on who is going out.
  4. Thanks!
  5. The workplace is one of the most common areas to form romantic relationships (gosh, that sounds dated!) and there should be no issue in so doing. I suppose that there might be thought to be a conflict of interest if a mentor were to enter into a relationship with a trainee but it would need to be pretty quick considering the length of placements. I've never seen anything mentioned in staff handbooks or in university partnership documents (although the universities themselves frequently have regulations regarding relationships between staff and students).
  6. Please try to avoid snogging in the corridor but apart from that nobody can stop you. Any employer who tried to bring in "rules" about relationships would be asking for trouble!
  7. DrResource

    DrResource New commenter

    My school is full of teacher relationships.

    We have three married couples !!! and a few other younger long term relationships, + teacher, support staff relationships

    We're all loved up !!

  8. be discreet!
  9. y9840125

    y9840125 Occasional commenter

    We have 5+ married sets!!
  10. emmam25

    emmam25 New commenter

    Am reading this with much interest! I have just come out of long term relationship with non-teacher. At Xmas party kissed a colleague from my dept with whom there has been flirting but never anything more. I know I should be taking my time over my break up but really, really like this guy! Since end of term we've been out a lot and was fantastic! Should this continue or is it asking for trouble within dept?
  11. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    The usual smart thing to do is to keep work and relationships completely separate.
    Since when were affairs of the heart smart?
    As for student teachers, why treat them any differently from staff? After all that is what they are to a certain extent.
  12. Chris4

    Chris4 New commenter

    I think we all know what you are going to do! If you are both free and single, what's to stop you? Just be aware of the problems if you ever break up as it can all get a bit grisly then, but then you can't prepare for that with anyone I suppose. Good luck!
  13. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    Not sure about the student teacher thing. I know the students are over 18 but I have seen situations where some male teachers see young female students as prey!
  14. emmam25

    emmam25 New commenter

    Thought I should update, we have spent a lot of time together and even ended up meeting the parents! Am so happy that we have decided to persue a relationship as it is just so brilliant to have someone likeminded to spend time with! Very happy right now! :0)
  15. Just be prepared for plenty of student gossip as there is nothing students like better than a burgeoning teacher v teacher relationship lol. In the staff relationships we have had at my school, one half of the couple has always ended up moving schools fairly soon....don't think the senior team have had any problems with the relationship existing in school though. We have one couple getting married this summer but myself and my partner are the only others together on the staff at the moment. Our relationship seems to be gossiped about more than most as we are a same sex partnership......hey ho.
  16. poppy2004

    poppy2004 New commenter

    Just don't do what a 'couple' did at my previous school and be caught out by the cleaners...
  17. emmam25

    emmam25 New commenter

    Just thought I would update this as partner and I sit in the living room working together, deciding to pursue our relationship was the best thing I ever did... and yes even weeks later the students STILL gossip about it.

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