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Relationships and Sex Ed - new free online platform

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by joanna_sharpen, Nov 20, 2019.


Do you have a whole school approach to tackling violence and abuse?

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  1. joanna_sharpen

    joanna_sharpen New commenter

    [ASK AVA] https://ask-ava.org.uk/ is a free one stop shop platform for training, resources, guidance and lessons on delivering a whole school approach to relationships and sex education. The award winning platform was developed following years of research into what works in preventing violence against women and girls.
    Schools told us that they wanted one dedicated place to find trusted resources and up to date guidance. This is particularly important with mandatory RSE being rolled out nationally.
    Ask AVA contains: CPD accredited e-learning, a huge toolkit based on our 6 step whole school approach model, downloadable templates, a searchable database of lesson plans, films and resources on all aspects of violence, abuse and healthy relationships across all age ranges. There is also a national map to search for local specialist services.

    Please share widely, and let us know what you think! We would welcome blogs from school staff (and indeed children and young people) on relevant topics so please get in touch - joanna.sharpen@avaproject.org.uk

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