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Rejected by agencies due to a reference I believe is unfair.

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by mossycow, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Hi there,
    Hope you have had a good holiday.
    I was made redundant from a part time position I enjoyed and felt i was good at (not the best, but doing the best job I could) in a 6th form college. I gave 110%. Led extra curricular activities in my own time, got on really well with all collegues and worked hard for my students. I was redundant from May but continued, as a'visitor/volunteer' to teach untill after exams. I also taught lowerr 6th untill summer holidays.
    I was always punctual, except 2 exceptions where I was late due to major road accident causing traffic / child illness. No more than 5 mins late and rang ahead and set work etc. I have had aprox 9 days of absence which is the highest I ever had due to chest infections, bronchitus and proper flu, All were less than one week (2 days max) but I had doctors note anyway. I set work, marked at home, gave feedback via email etc. I did everything on my job description. And more. Cheerfully and profressionally. I take lesson planning, exam entries, budget very seriously and have never had any disciplinary.
    However, I have received a rejection rfom Capita on the ground of my reference from college. HR and Capita have confirmed that my line manager (head of 6th form) has described me as 'unreliable'. I have had an email from Suppoly desk saying that they have still not received my reference, sent to college in May, so are closing my file, i.,e. rejecting me too.
    Have called ACAS and apparently this is common law/slander and I have asked an old friend for legal help. I have a meeting next monday with HR and my line mananger. AM dreading it but know it needs to be done.
    I would like to know if you have any thoughts, or guidence. I have missed several jobs that start in september and, as you cna imagine, I am devastated. Partly at my worry of note working, not being able to work in a professiona I love and have worked hard for but also as I feel totally betrayed by collegues I felt I had worked hard for.
    Do you have any thoughts on what makes a 'reliable' teacher?
    Do you know of any other support or advice I could get?
    I stopped paying for my union during summer as I kknew I wouldn;t be working. Any thoughts on whether I culd ask for their help or not?
  2. catbefriender

    catbefriender Lead commenter

    Get on the phone to your union and please do not have any meetings/negotiations regarding this without your union's advice and representation. Wait until September if you have to.

    The main thing you need is to have an agreed reference so both parties can move forward. Focus on that and avoid legal issues.

    Best wishes.
  3. catbefriender

    catbefriender Lead commenter

    On the union issue, state that that direct debit was not paid due to a banking error which you have just realised. Even if you are unemployed, on sick/maternity leave etc. always pay your union fees. When you are unemployed or your income goes down inform them, you would probably have been paying something like a £5 a month if you are unemployed.
  4. scienceteacha

    scienceteacha New commenter

    Unless you are North of the border it is still the holidays........
    OMG! If I was made redundant I would not DREAM of entering the site after the last day of my contract.
    This seems harsh. Unless there were child protection concerns you shouldn't be rejected on what appears to be a subjective, and harsh opinion of you!

    That really makes my blood boil as well, institutions that make you redundant and then don;t even have the decency to provide a reference!'

    To give a reference like that seems really harsh considering you were doing unpaid work for them! (In future, DON'T! Screw them!)

    I concur with what other posters have said but will add the following:-

    1. Is there any way you could use different references next time?
    2. Don't just register with one agency.

    Good luck, it sounds like you have been treated like sh1te!
  5. Hi there,
    just to respond to a few thingsa: the chap in charge of this thing said he was on holiday a few weeks. My teacher head is still on holiday!
    Entering premises after redundancy - The leaving was extremely amicable (up untill this reference malarky). I was not going to leave my students in the lurch.
    More than one supply agency - good advice which i had already taken. I am in process with 5 agencies.
    Met with employers last week in horrible horrible meeting. Unbelievable fanasy stuff taken ouut of my file. Severl collegues had written reports that catalgue incidents mainly from 5 years ago. The most ridiculous being when exam officer quoted me as saying "lets fight about this in the car park"..... after we had got coursework togetehr after a very stressful day. Obviously you don't me from Adam, but if you did you;d know that a) those words have never passed my lips - they are childish and stupid, b) I don;t have the confidence to be agressive and c) me and person who I apprently said this too get on very well..... anyway... several of these stupid things in my file. i asked that if they felt I had been violent and threatening why hadn;t ehy brought this up at reveiws etc.
    Anyway the whole thing is so stupid. BUT they have agreed to an agreed reference and I sent back the 1st draft this week.
    I want to get back at them. I want all the **** out of my file and I want to know which devious sleeze back misquoted a facebook entry of mine (stupid as I sent the full conversation back to them and it is obviously doctored) and I want compensation for not starting work this Spetember.
    But. I am looking to the future and concentrating energies on getting me back into work and into a classroom. Get a good reference adn then clear out of there.
    I feel more betrayed from collegues now than management. i had good relationships with teachers, support staff and students. I am confident I did. Anyway... thoughtr I would update you. i know you probably think I have been weak and should get unions onto them.... but it is so very painful... and I need a job!!!
    Thnaks for your advice
  6. You are so right spiderwoam, so right.
    Thanks, has been lovely to receive understanding.
    Still waiting for work but firing on all cylinders now as, with new reference, all supply agancies have taken me on no problems.... I jsut need a music teacher to get pregnant now so I can do her maternity leave......

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