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Reinvigorating at a critical time

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by PerfectCircle, Jan 12, 2016.

  1. PerfectCircle

    PerfectCircle New commenter

    In an effort to recharge our year 11 cohort and to reward them for all of their hard work thus far, we want to have a day (preferably off-site) where they can let their hair down and be reminded of how amazing our subject is! Obviously we are targeting specific groups in the process but would love to hear about any similar events that you may have been involved in and what made them successful. We have looked at running something in-house but some fresh faces may be more beneficial! It would be amazing to hear about your experiences and any recommendations that you may have. Thank you!
  2. bobdrivesahgv

    bobdrivesahgv New commenter

    Why not arrange to take them to a large, localish employer, where the staff there do cool things with maths?

    Mathematical modelling, data analysis, setting up a steel works, putting cars together, building logic circuits, etc, etc.

    The usual answer is a trip to Bletchley Park or somesuch, but I've found students are generally pretty happy to visit a real work domain where they could envisage themselves earning a salary - as long as they get that GCSE in maths and stats. It helps to bring home the employability and local relevance issues of the subject.

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