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Reinventing the wheel

Discussion in 'Science' started by mike5tew, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. I have only been a teacher for a year and a half and so forgive me if this viewpoint seems a little naive. From what I have seen on this web-site there is a wealth of innovation out there. The problem is that although this web-site provides a forum for those ideas to be shared what seems to be missing is for these ideas to be collated in to something that is constantly reviewed and evolves, rather than something that is simply borrowed or re-invented.

    To achieve something like this though what is needed is time (which is obviously scarce) or money (which is scarcer). What I would like to suggest therefore is some means to really focus and direct some of the fantastic effort that has been put into the material on this site by gathering the ideas together by using an open source kind of approach.

    By doing this I think as a group we could create something really amazing. Education is constantly a political football, but if we as teachers take a united group initiative we should be able to create a system which allows for both feedback and initiative whilst also giving a consistency throughout teaching.

    There are lots of ways of going about something like this, but I thought I would try and gather a gauge of the feelings towards this idea before trying to take it any further.

    Let me know what you think
  2. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    Welcome to TES! Also welcome to the world of teaching where the last people ever thought about are the ones actually doing the job. This site is about as close as it gets to sharing resources.

    The problem word in your post is 'united' something that teachers will never be!
  3. Maybe united should be replaced by ambling in vaguely the same direction....
  4. I would also say though that I know teachers are independent thinkers by nature (or by necessity I'm not always sure which). I do think though that it would only take a relatively small nucleus of people to get things started and then hopefully others would catch onto the advantages and things would snowball.

    Almost like a teaching co-operative...

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