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Reimbursement for travel

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by stacey1004, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. I've been told that we should get reimbursed for travel as PGCE students, but my provider hasn't mentioned it, it's doesn't appear in any of the paper work or on the website, so I am assuming that this is no longer the case for PGCE. I've looked on another couple of provider websites and they don't mention it either, is it another government cut or was it withdrawn years ago?
    Does anyone know?
  2. As far as I knowyou won't get any money back for yor travel expenses during your PGCE. My first school was quite far and I had to pay zones 1-4 travel card, but I managed. You will get student discount on your oyster card and also you get some bursaries and money from student finances to help you with this kind of expenses! You have to be aware that being a student does cost money, outside the tuition fees; I had to pay for GCSE equivalency and IELTS test as English is not my mother tongue, plus NARIC for certificates equivalency, that was already a lot of money, but that's life! And many other things add up during the year, so make sure you have enough money for studying in decent conditions!
  3. EcoLady

    EcoLady New commenter

    It varies between providers. Some pay, many don't, some pay only if your daily expenses are above a certain threshold.
  4. Some providers do make a contribution to travel, but it is not guaranteed. Talk to your provider and ask them what they policy is. If you have special circumstances then they may take those into consideration. Additionally, some providers will pay some travel if you elect to provide transport for another trainee who is placed at your school.
  5. Thank you for the replies. I will ask my course director next week what the situation is re: funding, I had a feeling that there isn't anything but it's definately worth asking.
    Unfortunately I can't rely on public transport (I think Oyster card is London). In my rural area, buses take hours to get 12 miles as they don't tend to have a direct link from one town to another, so it's a case of, go 12 miles westerly, change buses, then 10 miles easterly, change buses and then 5 miles easterly, so a 13 mile journey involves 2 changes, a journey time of around 1.5 hours and you've zigzagged your way across the countryside to arrive at school and hour after it started, even though you caught the first bus of the day! It ends up easier (and cheaper) to go the 12 miles direct in the car! The village my school is in has a train station, but to get to my nearest train station is a 9 mile journey anyway, and then a £6 return to go 2 stops along the line! Rural areas are a public transport nightmare!
    We have got 4 of us doing car share for seminar days, we pick people up along the route, but unfortunately the one trainee who lives closest to me who would have been perfect for placement car sharing is at a different school, which isn't in the right direction, just typical! [​IMG]

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