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registering for supply work

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by emmabaker33, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. I've been living in Canada since I trained as a teacher in England 10 years ago and I'm moving back, to Somerset, this year. I know the ins-and-outs of registering as a supply teacher in B.C., but have no idea of the system in the UK now. Is it all agency-run? Do LEAs play any role? What's my best route to getting some supply work while I apply for a teaching job? Thanks.
  2. Mrs-Pip

    Mrs-Pip New commenter

    If you have the right qualifications, CRB etc. and you are able to prove that you have worked as a teacher recently through references then you will be able to register with any of the millions of supply agencies in the UK. Not all places use a LEA supply list, you will have to check that in the ares that you want to work.
  3. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    You should laways prioritise registration with an LA supply register, or an LA outsourced agency.
    Some outsourced agencies take care of registration and bookings but pay still comes from the LA, at the correct teacher rate and with access to the pension. That's the case in Lancashire, for instance (Lancashire Teaching Agency, which is associated with REED but LCC pays the wages).
    Other LA nominated agencies become the employer (Supreme in Blackpool, for instance)
    With other private agencies, rates seem to be dropping as so many school are prepared to use unqualified Cover Supervisors instead of teachers. I've heard of teachers getting the same £100 per day that they were getting 10 years ago! They could work all year and only earn £19,000 which is thousands less than an NQT on M1 gets.
    Agencies will probably charge you for each CRB (they should be protable but hardly any employers will take the 'risk' of accepting the CRB that you got with another agency just days before!). You may get no work after forking out for the CRBs.
    As you have been abroad, you should get Police clearance from your local area in Canada before returning in order to speed up your CRB clearance in the UK. Contact the LA where you expect to work in the UK nad ask what they would require from the authorities abroad to facilitate a CRB in the UK.
  4. Just to add to Jubilee's wise advice - if you do go with an agency then settle the rate of pay with them over the phone before you go in to register!
    It is true there are folks getting £100 a day and some on here are being paid way less (!!!) than that! I always make a point of ironing that one out so as to prevent any nasty surprises along the way! I've had the rug pulled out from under my feet a few times before.
  5. £100 per day is good for my area as so many teachers accept CS rates. As for £100 10 years ago.... no chance- more like £150!
    Supply teaching, the only "career" to have pay deflation as you get more experienced and better at your job.
  6. Ten years ago as an Nqt I earned between £105-£120 per day. I am on long term at the moment and get £100 per day. What is worse is all the other teachers think I am on £160 per day and are very sniffy (outside the department) about the fact I don't attend meetings as have kept on a-level twilight teaching elsewhere and have to go to a different school to do that. I have two weeks to do after Easter and AWR kicks in... so worried about them letting me go. Interestingly they would have offered a contract until the end of term, but the agency wanted £4k as a fee. Having paid £7k for a permenant teacher who lasted a month it was no go. What is worse is I directly approached the school three times this academic year with a CV and asked for and never even got an acknowledgement...... The previous year the old head encouraged me to join the LA list as he was interested in employing me.... Anyway we will see. Very discouraged as today have found out that the place I wanted to do my PhD has iraised fees in line with undergraduate although other local uns haven't - and I won't be able to afford it. Finance and education really depressing. Oh and Sunday start my weekend seasonal job that kicks in full-time over summer as well as working next week in yet another part-time job (this one is xmas and holiday cover)... Rich I wish!

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