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Regarding paying back OMP (previously a temp)

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by eckford91, Feb 27, 2020.

  1. eckford91

    eckford91 New commenter

    hey everyone!

    So quite a long story but I went off on maternity leave at the end of January 2019. My temporary contract ended in August 2019 (according to my school). According to my local authority it ended in October 2019 (on their record).

    I found out in September 2019 that I’d be going back to the same school on another temporary contract as I’m still needed so I’ve been going in since the start of February.

    I’ve recently been sent a letter telling me I need to pay back my Occupational Maternity Pay. I wasn’t sure this was right so I rang my union and they have basically said ‘it’s not very fair’. And that I should email the head and local authority asking for the date they actually expected me back.

    Not sure if it’s relevant but I also attended an INSET in December 2019 too in preparation for coming back in February.

    My union are helping me on this one and they’ve said the date I was due back to work hasn’t been made clear. I asked my school today and they’ve said I should’ve gone back in May when my baby was just 2 months old or failing that I could’ve gone back in June and used the summer holidays to make up the 13 weeks.

    Do I have any rights here? If there’s no way out I’ll just have to pay back the OMP bit by bit. Of course looking back I wish I’d never taken it and just gone for statutory but I just took what was given to me automatically.

    My school have basically said it’s nothing to do with them and I need to sort it all with the local authority.

    I am trying to be really chill about it. I like where I work but my union seem to emphasize that they’re messing me around. And even suggested that I suggest not returning... they said that before I returned.

    Thoughts ? Thanks in advance

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