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Discussion in 'Parenting' started by undiwear, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. undiwear

    undiwear New commenter

    Is there a possibility that he is tongue tie? This can affect how a baby swallows and cause reflux.

  2. No they checked for that in hospital when he was born because he had trouble breastfeeding. I had to go onto formula a few weeks ago because I was very poorly and that's when the problem started. He's putting on weight so nobody takes me seriously apart from my health visitor but I don't see her all that much.
    6 week check tomorrow so I'll kick up another fuss! X - he does choke and gag on his milk a lot
  3. kittenjames

    kittenjames New commenter

    i really feel for you. my LO had reflux too. like your LO he put on weight and most people said 'oh it'll pass' or 'it's normal for babies to spit up'. i would give him a feed and he would bring the whole lot back up again with force, it looked like a fountain coming out of his mouth! i would have to change both our clothes several times a day and the smell of acid was vile. we were given gaviscon which helped a little.
    i don't know if i can tell you anything that you haven't already tried but these are some things we did
    check the flow of the teat, at 6 wks your LO should probably need quite a slow flow (TT closer to nature are great bottles)
    feed him sitting upright, with your hand holding the bottle cupped under his chin and other arm around him
    raise the head end (slightly) of his cot/basket with books on the floor under the legs.
    take feeds really slowly, like an ounce at a time.
    good luck, i hope some of that helps. and keep on making a fuss, i've had to do this on a couple of occasions and sometimes you need to keep on until someone helps you find the answer.
    by the way LO is 10 months now and not a trace of reflux, i think it stopped around 6 months.
  4. all_heart

    all_heart New commenter

    Hi, my LO is 3 months now and was in hospital for 10 days with reflux. All that Kittenjames said is advice we also had and used - we had to experiement with a range of bottles and teats due to her having a thicker milk and some teats blocked up. Is your milk thickened, my LO is on a different one.

    We went through 10 sleep suits a day and changed our own clothes just as much due to projectile sickness.
    I found infacol didn't work as that focuses on wind and reflux is more acid and backflow. We've just tried gavascone for 2 weeks with no luck, it made her terrible constipated though, that and the thickened milk I found were too much.

    The hospital put her on domperidone a medicine that works by making the food go in and out the stomach quicker, this has stopped her being sick but she was still in pain from 'silent reflux' acid coming up but back down so it's not seen. Just today the doctor put her on ranitdine so we'll see how that goes.

    One doctor looked at me and said "are you a first time mum?" but I asked for a different doctor the next day and that got the ball rolling. Maybe see a few doctors to see who is most helpful. (a female with children I found helped)

    It's improving day by day, the sick and dribbles fit on a bib now, before she had to wear a towel the sickness was so bad. Others I talk to say they do grow our of it, weaning helps.

    Thinking back to 6 weeks old, she was bad but now it's manageable and I can go out for days without feeling paranoid.

    Keep asking the doctor and if they put you on a medicine make an appointment before you leave for 2 or 3 weeks time to discuss how it's working and have a review, living with reflux is a good website too for advice.

    Fingers crossed it gets better for you day by day too xx
  5. all_heart

    all_heart New commenter

    Just remembered, my HV put me on a baby massage course - great and calming her down when she's crying and it works out and supports the digestive system.
  6. The Gaviscon thickens his feed but I can only give him 6 doses a day. It's the silent reflux that is most upsetting. He really cries out and won't be settled. We have his basket on a slope, feed him upright, burp every ounce, hold him upright afterwards etc. My health visitor has assured me that more can be done and that I should ask to be referred to a gastro paediatrician but each GP I see fobs me off. Seeing a good doctor tomorrow though thank goodness x
  7. My DD (now 4) had bad silent reflux as a baby. She was put on ranitidine which really really helped so much. We also co-slept so that she was slightly upright on my arm and it was easier to feed (she was BF) which also helped. We also bought a tummy tub as she screamed blue murder at bathtime and this was a total lifesaver..........she loved it and it really seemed to ease her pain! some days she went in more than once.
  8. My health visitor mentioned that drug so I might ask the GP tomorrow. He's fast asleep in my arms because I can't put him down in the evening, his acid bubbles up straight away. I can cope with the occasional vomit but seeing him in this pain is horrible. X
  9. We tried infant gaviscon and ranitadine but the only thing to really work was domperidone. Be really insistent - I wasn't insistent enough and as a result, it took a long time to get the domperidone. LO was like a different baby once he was on that. Hugs. not nice at all.
  10. happycat23

    happycat23 New commenter

    firstly a bit hug to you reflux is utterly horrible to deal with. My LO had silent reflux for a long while - I went back and to to the doctors and was constantly getting fobbed off because she was putting on weight. In the end I went to A and E, once I finally got to the hospital and saw someone in the children's ward it was great and I was finally taken seriously. They gave her gaviscon at first but this just made her constipated. In the end she was put on domperidone and ranitidine and once they found the right dose it worked total wonders. She's almost 1 now and is just starting to be weaned off the medicine.

    All I can say is kick up a huge fuss, cry if you need to!! Once they decide to take you seriously you will be ok ... there will be something they can do for your baby it is just a case of finding the right medicine and the right dose. Best of luck! :)
  11. I really feel for you. It feels like absolute torture when you are in the thick of it and no-one truly understands how difficult it is to have your baby in constant pain for 24 hours a day, unless you've been through it yourself.

    Our little one had severe silent reflux and was under hospital care for it until she was discharged at 10 months. They tried lots of things- we found gaviscon made no difference. The ranitidine and domperidone made a small impact but at one point she was on all three together- I had to keep a constant list with times to know what I had given as it just seemed a constant battle of cry, feed, medicine, cry, a different medicine etc

    To be honest I don't think any of it actually makes a big impact. The biggest difference seemed to be keeping her upright for as much as possible; raised moses basket/cot with books, a wedge under the mattress in the pushchair, 'wearing' her in a baby wrap, keeping her upright for AT LEAST 30 minutes after a feed. (no mean feat every 2 hours through the night- as soon as she could lie down it felt like we were up to feed again!)

    She only really got better when she learnt to sit up at 5 months and started solid food (citrus and dairy food made it reoccur initially) She also slept better when she could sleep on her tummy rather than on her back.

    It seemed to just suddenly disappear and the choking and gagging, constant crying etc just faded away. Now she is a vey happy, lively sociable toddler and you would never have guessed so was so unhappy for those 5 months.

    Be kind to yourself and feel free to pm me.
  12. AGGGHH- Where did the paragraphs go?!
  13. Thanks everybody - it is truly horrible and makes me feel so guilty for going onto formula but it was a decision that was made for me by the GP. X
  14. Try not to feel guilty about the breastfeeding, the reflux would probably have happened anyway once he was feeding properly. My bf nephew had dreadful reflux and my sister in law ended up putting him onto formula because he would take a feed, then throw most of it back up and want another feed immediately. She found this rather draining in more ways than one.

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