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Referral to OCC health?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by REM19, Sep 26, 2018.

  1. REM19

    REM19 New commenter


    I'm currently 28 weeks pregnant and been signed off by my doctor for 4 weeks for bad SPD. I've been referred for physio and been told to rest. I've had a letter from my head to say that he has referred me to Occupational Health. What can I expect from this appointment? I'm really nervous! Can they ask for access to my medical records? I have nothing to hide but it feels like a massive invasion of privacy. My GP has told me that she'll monitor me but that I'll most likely be off until my mat leave kicks in. I'm now really nervous about the whole thing and worried that I could face a disciplinary. Can OCC health override what my GP has said and force me to go back? Work was making me worse so I'm really worried!

    Any help appreciated!
  2. peapicker

    peapicker Star commenter

    No need to panic! OH will be nothing other than supportive of you and this is not a disciplinary matter at all! This is your employer responding, as all good employers should by referring to OH, to see if there is assistance which could be given to you, to make your last weeks in school more comfortable. They will consider what should happen, once your current 4 week sick leave is up and what would be best for you.

    Health matters are sensitive personal information. They may not be disclosed to anyone without your express permission. You may decide it would be helpful for the OH physician to see your medical notes, to better advise on adjustments as work - but you do not have to release them and no-one can make you.

    If between them OH and the school are unable to make adjustments that could enable you to work comfortably, an option would be to medically suspend you on full pay. This is NOT a disciplinary suspension, but one to protect your health. You cannot suffer any detriment as a consequence of your condition, nor a medixcal suspension, if it proves necessary.

    Once you reach 4 weeks before your due date, if you still have a pregnancy-related condition (which I imagine you will, with SPD) your maternity leave will automatically start.

    Commiserations - my DIL had SPD and it's rotten. She recovered quickly once the baby was born though.
  3. d43587

    d43587 New commenter

    I was told by HR that as a head I couldn't refer to OH without permission/agreement of the member of staff off work.
    Maybe check with your union.

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