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Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by alisonhill100, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. I have a friend who completed her final NQT tern under a fixed term contract. At the end of the contract they told her they wouldn't keep her on due to a personality clash. At the time she thought this was odd but didn't get too upset. She was going to pit it down to experience and move on. They signed off her NQT paper work with Satisfatory and a final observation from the Head was Satisfactory with some good elements. Now after several failed interviews it transpires that Head won't a) give a reference or b) is giving a bad one! What can she do?
  2. Gardening Leaves

    Gardening Leaves New commenter

    An employer is not obliged to provide a reference in law. However, if he does, it must be fair and accurate.

    Your friend is entitled to request copies of all references sent and received under the 1998 data protection act. I'll up the thread that explains how to do this.
  3. Thanks for that information GL I will pass it on to her. I told her to request the reference from the last head who interviewd her as he was the one to tell her about it. In the meantime is it ok to not put your last head down as a referee whilst she gets this sorted?
  4. Rockchick2112

    Rockchick2112 New commenter

    What happened to your friend sounds quite similar to what happened to me. I worked as a teaching assistant on a fixed term contract for a year and wasn't kept on due to the head's personal dislike of me, as well as there being a culture of nepotism within the school. I'm a qualified teacher, so applied for teaching posts towards the end of that year, but discovered that the head was jeopardising my chances of getting employment by writing a negative reference. From what was said by the heads who were interviewing me, I gathered that she was making different negative generalisations about me every time! Once I found out what she was doing, I got another member of staff to agree to provide a reference, but by that time it was too late to get a post for September. I don't think that it's good enough that I should have to rely on someone else to provide a reference for me, as I worked hard during that year and I strongly feel that I deserve a decent reference from the head. It also concerns me that, under Safer Recruitment, the reference is actually supposed to come from the head and anything else could be regarded with suspicion. Vindictive head teachers have too much power to spoil the employment chances of people they don't like. It's worrying that it is becoming more common for staff to be employed on temporary or fixed term contracts, as they can easily be booted out for no reason other than someone taking a dislike to them.
  5. What about a referencefrom the deputy head.
    Go on supply and ask for reference.

    Good Luck.

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