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References provided to a teaching agengy

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by mklowndes, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. Theo
    I was made redundant last year from my teaching position in a sencondary school. I took the chance to return to university to complete a Master's degree. However this has not worked out how I wanted it to so I have registered with a teaching agency whilst I look for more solid employment. However I have just been contacted by the agency to inform me that my previous school have provided them with references that state I had mobility issues whilst employed by them and said that this could make me unsuitable for supply work. As a result the agency are very reluctant to set me on and have requested my doctor's details in order to gain further information regarding my fitness for work. The mobility issues that they disclosed were as a direct result of two accidents at work which led to two knee operations, which left me on crutches for a considerable time. My school would not provide me with one classroom as a teaching base and said that I would not be able to be allowed on site as I was a health and safety risk. I am furious that they have basically stated that I may not be fit for work considering they send me to the county council's occupational therapist who declared me to be fit for work. Where do I stand regarding this disclosure as my knee has now completely healed and did not tell the agency of the operations as I have no problems any more relating to my previous injury? I am concerned that as I have only worked at this school they are my only source ofemployment references and fearthat they will continue to disclose a past problem and hiinder my chances of future employment.
    Many thanks for any help or advice that you can give to me

    they are my only source of references

  2. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

    Tip for next time: Write Dear Theo as part of your title - i might not open the post otherwise.
    I'm sorry that you are having this hassle.
    As the school was your last employer, you must give them as your reference anyway. But you can also have someone from your Master's course.
    1) Do you have, can you get, a statement in writing from Occupational Health that you are fit to teach?
    2) Giving the agency your Dr's details will be a quick way out of the current situation
    3) Are you still a Union member? Hope so! But keep this as a last resort.
    4) Can you write a smarmy letter to the School? Something along these lines:
    Dear Mr Griff
    You will remember me; I taught Physics in Grungy Grammar School for 3 years from Sept 2006 to July 2009, and have since completed a Master's Degree.
    I have recently been applying for teaching posts, and you have kindly supplied references. I am grateful for you taking the time to do that, as I know that there are many other calls on your time. The XX Supply Agency has told me, however, that your reference to them mentions concerns about my mobility. This, you will recall, was limited to the period Sept 2008 - Dec 2008, when I was on crutches as a result of the two accidents on school premises in May and June 2008.
    The Occupational Health therapist declared me fit for work on 22 February 2009, and I resumed my duties fully after that date.
    In view of this decision of the Occupational Health therapist, I wonder if the school could now remove the reference to the past limited mobility problem which is now no longer an issue? Thank you very much.
    Yours sincerely,

    M K Lowdnes
    I reckon that this should do the trick. If not, see the union, but try the TheoGriff Softly-softly approach first.
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