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References from old school

Discussion in 'Personal' started by vector, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    not been here for some time. anyway I left the grammar school where a was teaching for the last 18 years in feb 2010 due to external personal reasons with my ex-partner and a year battle in court to have some access to my son. This took a lot of time and money which i knew i could not do if I was still working. Anyway the head has refused me a reference as in her option I was sacked in April 2010 (when i resigned in feb 2010) and cannot now after the court case has been dealt with find in very difficult to find new employment. The GTC are on my tail are, and have taken ages to respond to my complaints. I have done nothing wrong at my old school but now find it difficult to move on. My old school just refuse to provide a basic reference which means at present i cannot find alternative employment in teaching physics and maths after 18 years of service.

    What are my options.

    many thanks Vector.
  2. It's not something there can be an opinion about. It's true or false. There is no legal requirement on an employer to provide a reference (many companies will provide a reference that is limited to position and dates of employement. This avoids any legal issues about inaccurate references).
    As you probably need a reference, can you approach it via the HR dept of the LA? HR people are usually good at hassling people who don't understand employment law or comply with policies.
  3. Make it clear to her that you resigned. She is guilty of defamation if she reports that you were sacked.
    Is your grammar school a private one, or under the LEA? Either way, there should be someone dealing with HR matters, and it shouldn't be the head teacher. Your paperwork should show a letter of resignation from you, shouldn't it? Did you leave the school in the lurch? Was there bad feeling when you left? Keep some correspondence going and don't be fobbed off. If necessary, take it to the chair of Governors.
    I am not sure of your rights regarding a reference, but I am sure others may be able to help you. Hope you get your reference. A Physics and Maths teacher will be snapped up elsewhere. Good luck.
  4. tangerinecat

    tangerinecat New commenter

    My reference from my previous school was unsurprisingly naff. I still got the first job I applied for. The guidance (in our LA, anyway) is that references are taken up after interview , because not appointing on the basis of a negative reference (discounting safeguarding reasons) could be seen as discrimination.
  5. Like TC, I have managed to get work after a 'bad reference' (i.e. Lies!)
    What a nasty piece of work your ex head is. There are many of them about. (Although, I must say the heads on TES all seem eminently reasonable!)
    I have no idea what you could do about the 'no reference' situation. Try posting on Workplace Dilemmas?
    All the best.
  6. Also, I've just thought. Your union might help acquire a 'proof of having been employed' type of thing. If you search 'references' on the forums, you might find out more on this.

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