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Reference from last teaching placement

Discussion in 'Primary' started by christina15, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. <font size="2">I have just
    completed my teaching course and have taken the decision to take supply work in
    September. The agency required a
    reference not only from my university but my last teaching placement. My last
    report was satisfactory/good and there were no causes for concerns expressed.</font>

    <font size="2">I have asked the
    supply agency to provide me with a copy of my reference and my former teacher
    tutor has put on my report my professional conduct and working with other colleagues
    as unsatisfactory. </font>

    <font size="2">These concerns
    were never expressed to me and is not anywhere on my report. I did not think I
    could get a bad reference especially as the feedback given to me was never negative
    and contradicts the report written.</font>

    <font size="2">Is there anything
    I can do about this? </font>

  2. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    I would ask if the agency would accept a copy of your final report as a reference. Or if you can submit a third reference from one of your other placements.

    You can have a 'bad' reference, but what you cannot have is an untrue one. You could also give the agency the name of the HT of the school where you did your placement and ask them for a second reference from the school. The HT is more likely to know the rules regarding references than your teacher tutor.

  3. <font size="2">I think I will
    ask the agency if they will accept my report instead. As professional conduct is very important I
    would have assumed my teacher tutor would have mentioned it to me or on my
    report if this was below satisfactory. Thank you for your advice </font>

  4. you also need to go back to uni and find out why this has appeared now if never in any other reports as youll need uni references for some time until get a job


  5. I have contacted the university who have said
    as I am no longer a student they can&rsquo;t do anything. I have emailed my former
    teacher but she has not responded yet to be honest I do not expect her to. I
    have spoken to the agencies in my area that are refusing to take my report from
    my last placement and need a reference from my last teaching placement!!! Bit
    of a nightmare really :(

  6. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Wait until term starts and then contact the HT of the school and notify them of the situation (I'm assuming youa re primary and the HT has the faintest idea who you are). They need to be aware of the situation for when you start to apply for posts and so give the HT as a referee.

    But from now, put down the HT as your referee, not the teacher tutor.

    Also contact your union, who ought to be able to insist upon an accurate and factual reference for you.
  7. Thankyou so much minnieminx for your help thats really useful advice.
  8. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    Hi, Just to reassure you, I was given an unfair reference by my final teaching placement. Like yourself, I was given no indication that there were any problems or issues and indeed my mentor always appeared to be praiseworthy in observations etc. I found out that it wasn't a good reference when I went to an interview and they told me very matter of factly that the job would have been mine but the ref from that placement had let me down and I should find another reference!!

    Was so angry at the time, and I never read the reference or found out what the issue was, but it did suddenly explain why i'd been to 9 or so interviews and always had great feedback and fallen at the final post.

    Anyway, I started to supply teach in that September and luckily one school in particular gave me a lot of supply work. They then asked me to interview for a maternity cover post which I keenly did. I did warn them about the reference but they said that they knew me and had observed me teaching and so wouldn't be taking the reference as the holy grail.

    3 years later and i'm happily in a teaching post. And I just wanted to say that a negative reference isn't the end of the world and certainly doesn't mean the end of your career. It may be that you want to raise it to interviewers and explain to them how you work with colleagues etc.

    Also, I wish i had pulled up my mentor on her reference and asked her to explain herself as I think what she did was incredibly naughty given that she hadn't indicated that there were any problems. So I would chase her up if I was you, even though it is far too late for me now!!

    Good luck and best wishes!

  9. <font face="Times New Roman">I applied for about 9/10 jobs this year and had no idea it was my references
    that were the problem. It&rsquo;s my own fault should have checked them before
    putting them forward on applications. I know it&rsquo;s not the end of the world and I&rsquo;m
    sure I&rsquo;ll find work soon I think initially I was very shocked as I got on so
    well with my teacher tutor and there was no indication of any problems. But I
    will defiantly chase her up on this I would like an explanation!!</font>

    Thank you for your response lillipad defiantly made
    me feel a lot better and well done on getting a teaching post your happy in.

  10. You're lucky to have spotted it now! I know you say you;ve been in touch with uni, but is there maybe a tutor you got on well with that could help you out? Or your uni liason person for placement (sorry, can;t remember the proper title!)?

    ]Good luck!
  11. Sorry as I know this isn't helpful but I felt appauled by the attitude of your Uni, you've obviously just graduated so to say they can't do anything is rubbish. At the very least their placements office should be interested to know about this as it has potential to be problematic for other students in the future. I may be being harsh but when I did my PGCE a couple of years ago myself and fellow students felt that the Uni weren't really interested in us as people and future teachers, just in the fees we paid- yours sounds similar.
    Just had to get that off my chest.
  12. Loony tunes

    Loony tunes New commenter

    Why not try contacting the uni careers department? They will want to get as many former students into work as possible as they have to provide statistics showing what graduates from their courses are doing. They certainly won't want to have a former student who can't get a job as a result of a wrong reference from them! Good luck - this sounds totally unjust and I hope you manage to sort it.

  13. I have spoken the career&rsquo;s dept who have said
    contact the person who wrote the reference. I explained to them I have done so
    but not received a response when the person down the phone said in that
    case they cannot really do anything about it.
    I thought the university would have been more helpful as it is frustrating.
    I just keep getting told by them as I have left they cannot deal with the
    situation and as far as they are concerned I have no unsatisfactory

  14. I have received a response from my school who have said they
    marked some areas as unsatisfactory as they felt certain areas needed
    improving. However this was never
    discussed with me at all. Is there
    anything I can do?? Really not happy with my teacher tutors excuses!!
    <font size="3" face="Times New Roman">


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