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redundant / maternity

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by yipeesb, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. Hi, I have just found out that I am about 7/8 weeks Pregnant. We were warned last week that there could be possible redundancies at my school. The next day I told my head I was expecting but that it was very early. As I have miscarried before a few times I am extremely anxious that said I do have 2 beautiful children! This week We have been given the 188 letter and my department is affected. I would start my maternity leave sometime in August. Redundancies would be as from 31st August. Would I recieve the 2 weeks full, 4 weeks 90% then the half pay for x weeks if I got made redundant? Can they make me redundant (if I dont miscarry) If they made me redundant would they have to pay me redundancy plus maternity money? confused.com! HELP!
  2. we have redundancies at our school. hmmm. ring your union
    I have no idea about pay on Mat leave if you were made redundant. you can be made redundant on maternity leave - you still have to do skills audits etc.
    The problem is where I am is that to qualify for redundancy you have to go for redeployment and only if you don't get a job do you get any form of redundancy (got rid of voluntary redundancy) This seems to be different depending on area.
    hope you get it sorted

  3. Yes you can be made redundant, although there is legislation that offers a safety net of sorts to women on maternity leave - google Maternity and Parental Leave Regulations Section 10. As long as you are employed in the 25th week of pregnancy (your qualifying week) and you meet all other usual conditions for maternity pay, you will receive statutory maternity pay if made redundant. You may not receive any additional maternity pay offered by your employer although judging by other posts on here some employers will still pay it. Definitely follow bradley's advice about the unio, or contact ACAS for advice.

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