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Redundancy - is there a recommended SLT to class teacher ratio?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by sirharrypearce, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. sirharrypearce

    sirharrypearce New commenter

    We are currently part of the redundancy process in a junior school with a large budget deficit. There is currently a newly appointed HT, and permanent DHT, AHT and TLR2 that forms the management team. The HT is non teaching and there are eleven classes. It is likely that three members of staff will be made redundant.

    Last year we were OSFTEDed without a permanent HT: The current DHT was Acting Head, the current AHT was Acting DHT and the current TLR2 was Acting AHT. OFSTED made recommendations that the school needed strong leadership (undoubtedly because everyone was acting) so the HT and current governing body has made the decision to protect the leadership posts so they are exempt from the redundancy process. The current AHT wants to take voluntary redeployment but is not able to do so as their post is protected. Had this been considered, then is is likely that two, not three members of staff would lose their jobs. The governors and HT clearly want to retain the AHT post.

    Staff are naturally aggrieved that the number of classes is being reduced, with up to three class teachers being made redundant but the size of the SLT will remain the same. They argue that a school of around 260 doesn't need an SLT of 4.

    I have two questions:
    1. Is there a recommended ratio of managers to class teachers in a junior (or any) school?
    2. As part of employment law, don't employers have a responsibility to reduce the impact of redundancy on staff? Is it lawful to protect and retain SLT posts?

    Any other comments would be most welcome.
  2. marymoocow

    marymoocow Star commenter

    I'm sorry you are finding yourself in this position. I would say the number of SMT is about right for a school of your size. We have 7 teachers/ classes including nursery and have non teaching head, DHT and 2x TLR2. One of our TLRs may not be replaced when they leave and become a normal teaching post as we are perhaps a little SMT heavy for our 185 Roll school.
    What are your class sizes like? We have between 26 and 35 in our classes. Our KS2 classes are all over 30. One possibility would be to make AHT a TLR post.
    Some schools dont have as many SMT but that just means that everyone else does more work for less pay. Fine if you want the experience for future promotion, but not if you see someone at a school down the road getting paid more for the same or less work and you want work life balance.

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