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Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by carolalicia, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. My school has issued a statement that there are redundancies in December they have already got rid of 4 teachers who are leaving in the summer term. 2 of them are science teachers who have taken voluntary redundancies but the school is advertising for a part time science teacher now. There are 5 teachers in the science department and I am one of two science technicians. Last week the head has got all the support staff together and has said that despite us all reducing our hours last week we are now in line for redundancies as well. But we found out that they were not going to include learning supporters all support staff complained and now they are to be included all with us. All support staff have been told that they will have to do a skills audit to prove that our jobs enable students to learn. I have looked on the science tech book and clips which recommends that there should be a ratio of one tech to every 2 teachers for Health and Safety reasons. Can they go against this as it just a recommendation. I do other jobs with in the school as well as being the science tech. Any thoughts. Thank you
  2. uoo

    uoo New commenter

    We have only 3.4 techs to 12 teachers, I don't think anyone outside of Science looks at the H&S risks especially when they need to cut costs. I bet non of the SLT are for the chop! We,ve been told today that we need to cut 4.5 teaching staff. Bad times.

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