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Reduction of safeguarded TLR

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by GPjayne, Dec 24, 2011.

  1. Just testing the water and wondering if anyone else has experienced this.

    I went to UPS1 in September and have been waiting for my increase in pay and backdated pay for 3 months.
    After being informed by my school manager it would be in my December wage, I found out yesterday that once again my wage was the same and no backdated pay.
    Phone call to wages people followed and i was informed that I had received my UPS1 pay, but the school had reduced my safeguarded TLR ( valid until sept 2012) by 2/3rds as I had gone to UPS1, as apparently it was " school protocol".
    Needless to say, my union rep was very interested in this !!!!

    Whoops, this should be in the Pay and Conditions forum!!!!
    Anyone else had similar experience/
  2. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    I'm digging back in my memory bank now, to when TLRs were first introduced - but I do recall that the rule was your TLR was safeguarded, but reduced accordingly when you had any other pay rises.
    I don't know if this was changed later (as I haven't dealt with such a case, you must forgive my not knowing chapter and verse on it).
  3. I agree with middlemarch, your protected TLR gradually gets eroded as your pay increases.

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