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recurring knee injury and school response

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by smirnoffice, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. smirnoffice

    smirnoffice New commenter

    Good Morning

    Would really appreciate anyone’s advice or knowledge about the following.

    For several weeks now I have suffered from a recurring knee injury which was originally an old rugby injury from many years ago. Due to a weakness in the knee, when it goes – it goes. Am currently wearing a knee brace, on medication from the GP and taking medication.

    Because of this walking is incredibly painful at present, but am getting through each day due to painkillers.

    This week all HODs have been told they have to be present at start and end of mock exams to supervise papers, handle questions etc. As the hall is at the far end of the school from my room I emailed my line manager (who is seconded to SLT) a request explaining how bad the injury was, could it be possible that someone else acted on my behalf, so I did not have to walk backwards and forwards, exacerbating the injury. I thought this was a reasonable request, given the school’s duty of care, wellbeing, reasonable adjustment etc etc.

    To my surprise I have been told this is not possible, and I have to be in the hall at the right time on all occasions. I was rather astonished. I was just wondering, is this standard, or does anyone have a view to share on this predicament.

    Many Thanks

  2. monicabilongame

    monicabilongame Star commenter

    I'd go into school with a crutch, and walk very very slowly to wherever you are supposed to be - making sure that you don't damage the knee any further and only do as much as you can on it. Be seen to be making the effort but don't bust a gut and whatever you do don't do anything that will make it worse. Walk slowly, rest often, and sit down a lot. And do the apology thing "I'm so sorry, I did try to get here before the exam started, but, you know (slight sob), my knee... my consultant said I should be off sick, but I so wanted to be here for the exams..." See if anyone offers to take your place and be so terribly and humbly grateful if they do "oh thank you SO much, you have NO idea how much this helps me, knees are SO terribly painful when they go, aren't they?!". Do what they want you to do in terms of place, but do it in your own time. And if they complain about this, then GO OFF SICK on the grounds that being there and not being accommodated is making your injury worse, and they wouldn't like a law suit now, would they?

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