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Recruitment Season in Kuwait

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by helterskelter07, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. Only stick to the "Big Three". Other schools can be treacherous places to work. Some are very autocratic in the way they run their schools. Don't be taken in by them! You should be earning at least 1200KD in order to make your decision worthwhile. Our money is worth far less these days with the depreciating currency exchange.
  2. Only stick to the "Big Three". Other schools can be treacherous places to work. Some are very autocratic in the way they run their schools. Don't be taken in by them! You should be earning at least 1200KD in order to make your decision worthwhile. Our money is worth far less these days with the depreciating currency exchange.
  3. I agree entirely with your statement Helterskelter. Ding ding, round one!
  4. Today the aforementioned 1200 Kuwaiti dinars will buy you 2,081.53 GBP. Then you factor in, no pension, the need for private health insurance, kids school fees,dependents residency fees, making up the difference in rent allowance (what you are given gets you nothing in Kuwait these days)etc,etc.
    Worth the privations of life in Kuwait? I don't think so.
  5. And you get to live next door to all your colleagues in small flats.
  6. Hi to 'from the deep',
    an appropriate name for an appropriate Hod
  7. From the deep - see you in briefing tomorrow
  8. sorry Badbob, think you've got the wrong guy! hard to tell from these threads as everyone here moans about the same things, all the aforementioned plus the number of new kids the management are trying to stuff into already overcrowded classrooms.
  9. There are some fine teachers in Kuwait and working in one of the big 3 must be very professionally stimulating. However my point is avoid the others. Some schools are getting into the habit of hiring and firing at will. This provides no stability for either the teaching staff or the students. Teachers at these schools live in fear of the consequences. It isn't as if Kuwait is a cultural hot spot is it? Fine if you like Starbucks and over sized American meals. Earn your crust elsewhere. Try the Far East if you can't get into one of the Big Three.
  10. Helterskelter, i worked at one of these so called 'big 3' schools and really cannot rave about it - that is why i left.
  11. Helter Skelter, 1200kd is top of the pay scale at most schools. perhaps you should have mentioned that!

    1. you don't need private health insurance- the government clinics and hospitals are pretty good, I know people who've been treated for everything from breaks and sprains to cancer out here and have got by fine with the government one (your employer has to pay a mandatory fee of approx 50KD per year for this)

    2. Most schools provide free furnished accommodation

    3. You assume everyone is married, so no dependants visa, no school fees

    4. Yes there are no pension contributions but at the end of contract you get 2 weeks pay per year of service based on the salary of your final year. From your 6th year onwards it becomes one month's salary for each year.

    5. I bet very few other international postings make pension contributions in the UK.

    Do not let people put you off Kuwait. If you are interested give it a chance. If you like it sign up for a second year, if you don't, leave! I love it and have been here nearly a decade!
  12. quite interesting reading the latest talk of kuwait. spent five years there in the late nineties and generally enjoyed every minute.
    some interesting facts:

    1) it has less culture than a low fat yoghurt
    2) the pollution is strong enough to negate the need for sun block, even in 50 degress, which is most of the year.
    3) kuwaitis are, in general, lazy, arrogant and shallow. if you are western and blonde and willing to bring them to expat parties or let them follow you home from the sultan centre then this is irrelevant.
    4) schools are only concerned about profit, the vast majority of which goes to the kuwaiti sponsor.
    5) wasta (influence) rules. its who you know that's important.

    so why have so many of us stayed so long?

    my reasons will be posted soon.
  13. Q Would you consider applying to a school using a yahoo account? Sounds very suspicious and a sign their IT infrastrucure is in poor shape - indicative of the school? I think so.
  14. Sheikha, I have to agree with you. I was meant to be here for 2 years and now have been here for several!! I love the lifestyle and my job. As you say, come to Kuwait if you are interested, and if you don't like it, leave after a year. Simple!!
  15. I agree with several correspondents here but be warned, the so-called "Big 3" is really the "Big 2".
    The Purple Palace is only to be considered if you enjoy working for a megalomaniac (Megalomania (from the Greek word µe?a??µa??a) is a psychopathological condition characterized by delusional fantasies of wealth, power, genius, or omnipotence - often generally termed as delusions of grandeur"[and those who know Mr H will no doubt agree with this definition] and where your job security is tenuous to say the least. Stick to the "Big 2" with three letters in their names.
    Even so, if the American dollar continues to plummet, serious attention to pay scales will need to be addressed.
    To those disaffected ones who continually write here about how bad it is in Kuwait, I small word of caution. Those who have left, crying foul and describing Kuwait as "The cat litter tray of the Middle East and I will never set foot here again", are either: 1) back after a stint in the "old dart"; or are counting the days they can return in 2008.
    So, how bad is it in kuwait? Not bad at all.
    Now excuse me while I head to the Club for more sunshine this weekend (how's the weather in UK/China treating you?).
  16. If the schools are honest at recruiting time, nobody can complain, but this school


    is not. A year is a long time to spend feeling unhappy, and we should make sure that new teachers know what to expect. All you old teachers at least know what you are signing up for, so no sympathy there!

  17. Hey Merm were you the 'runner' people are talking about? Neat way to start a career in teaching. We in the States were always told to put the kids first or go work in an office. I've worked in 4 countries and none are perfect but the kids deserve our best. My advice is to stay at home and stick to what you know - dont screw with kids' futures.
  18. BondStreetBabe

    BondStreetBabe New commenter

    What news of the purple palace these days? Is it correct that top of scale salaries have hit the 1500KD mark for next year?
  19. No, it is not correct.

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