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Recruitment interview! Ideas for an engaging Yr7 biology 20 min lesson?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Jazz23, Apr 20, 2018.

  1. Jazz23

    Jazz23 New commenter

    Hi all,

    After 14 years of 'being too scared' or making various excuses, I have finally applied for a SKITT and have a stage one interview in a week. I am extremely nervous as expected but was wondering if anyone has any ideas for a 20 min lesson for a small yr7 group? I have limited experience of teaching Biology (my sports science degree was 14 years ago) and would welcome any ideas at all. It can be a curriculum area or skill.

    Also if anyone has any advice at all about the interview process, it would be great to hear about your experiences and tips.

    Many thanks everyone!

    A very petrified but excited Jazz
  2. golqmoto_pile

    golqmoto_pile New commenter

    Look online for a lesson plan template. Plan your 20 min with introduction/starter activity for 2-3 min. This can be a chance to ask questions and check prior learning. Then introduce the objective(s), one concept, have a task on it and finish with 3-4 questions picking random pupils to check progress. Ideally, you should check whole class progress but with the time given I would use 'Put your hand up if you know how to answer this question.' and then whoever has their hand up you pick and they give you the answer. If it's incorrect do not make the mistake to tell them 'No!', say 'Good guess, I can see what you mean but it's not quite correct.' and ask the class or someone with their hand up to 'add to this answer'.

    You already have grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes, if there is a writing part on the interview double check your text. If English is not your first language then it may be easier to explain.

    Wear smart and comfortable clothes, do not look scared or start shaking, kids smell fear. Do not stand at the front during these 20 min, move around the classroom while they are doing the task and repeat the instruction. At least one person will ask you what to do because they didn't get it, explain it to them and move on to the rest.

    If you're using PowerPoint or Prezi make a copy/backup. Things can stop working when we need them the most. Worst case scenario - prepare to do your lesson without a PowerPoint just in case.

    For more info PM me, I'll try and answer to my best knowledge.

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