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Recruitment and Retention not TLR

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by donut gal, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. Hi i had an odd conversation with my head and he said that he wanted to offer me TLR - specifically because of new initiatives that I had developed over the last year and will continue doing so this year. He then came back to me and said that HR had said that the TLR couldn't be offered as it had to be set for 3 year and could not be attached to a teacher per say but to the initiative. Instead I would get extra pay due to Recruitment and Retention Allowance. I was a bit confused but was caught on the hop really. I asked if the allowances were the same but he didn't know. IT's good to get extra money but at least with TLRs you know the amount. Are R&R allowances the same? Do I have to take on extra management roles as it had been mentioned that with the TLR would come managing a group of teachers and TAs?
    Can someone point me in the right direction regarding R&R and my responsibilities.
    I feel a little confused about it all as its been caught conversations. I will be having my performance management meeting this half term and feel i want to be clear by then. Any advice gratefully received.
  2. In your case R&R payment is probably the most appropriate form of remuneration. TLRs have to be written into the school structure and are related to the management of teaching and learning mainly in the respect of managing other teachers. TLRs don't have a time limit as they should only be used where there is a teaching and learning management need in the school. They are permanent unless covering for a teacher who is on maternity leave say. A recruitment and retention allowance is set for a time limit (mine was for 3 years), you don't usually have a PM target associated with it (you would have if you had a TLR).
  3. R&Rs tend to be less. Mine is £1200 i think (but depends on the school).
  4. I am in a similar position. My R+R allowance is the same as the amount allocated to a TLR in the department with similar responsibilities (different key stage). The TLRs are going to be restructured next year, so this was the only option (created to presuade me not to leave, though offered to all staff). It has been set for 'a year in the first instance'.
  5. Mmmm this is all very interesting thank you for your replies. I have now found out that there will be a restructuring next year in April so may be that is why the TLR is not available. I will though be responsible for the PM of a team of 6 teachers. Still not sure what the renumeration will be .... or if it will even still be available after April. Perhaps best not to start relying on the money!!!

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