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Recovering from pneumonia

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by elearningdeveloper, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. I'm 30 yrs old and do a variety of exercises 4 days a week, so I'd say I'm pretty healthy. However I was admitted to hospital with severe pneumonia 2 weeks ago. I'm now home and off antibiotics. I have a lingering cough, sometimes breathless and feel tired. I've got another X-ray this week to see if the pneumonia has cleared from my lungs.

    At the moment I've been signed off for the week and if the xray is clear my docs said I can return to work next week. However I'm not sure how as I get breathless after 10mins of an activity and still very very tired. I do want to get back to work but not sure if I'll be able to cope with teaching all day.

    Has anyone else ever had this and how long did it take for you to recover and how long did you have off work?
  2. It took me about a month to feel normal again after my pneumonia (not as severe as yours by the sound of it, I wasn't admitted to hospital). I've been left with mild asthma so if you have any lingering effects then get back to your doctor as this is quite common and easily treated. I had a week off work (as I said, not as severe as yours).
  3. I had three weeks off with pneumonia and honestly really should have taken longer. I came down with it right at the start of a six week term it took all of that term and the following Easter holidays to feel well again. If you're still not feeling well when the note runs out, please ask for another, I wish I had! I had four courses of antibiotics to get rid of it completely.
  4. Thanks for your advice.

    Mine was severe pneumonia and I was admitted into hospital for 10days.

    I'll see what the doctor has to say on thurs and I'll ask for another note. My fear is returning too early and picking up something else especially with it being a new term there's bound to be lots of germs flying around.

    Really appriciate your advice.
  5. I had five weeks off when I had pneumonia.Please take your time and rest up.I went back and it took me a good two weeks after that.
  6. inq


    I had one week off and was so washed out I slept for the half term holiday that was after the few days I went back, I was exhausted. I was left with asthma that vanished after 6 months and reappeared 6 months after that.
  7. I was off for three months, after returning initially after three
    weeks. with pneumonia, and it took me a lot longer to recover.

    I had no voice for a long time and coughed for six months!

    Don't rush back, I did at first which knocked me out for the three months
  8. Your health is really important. Try not to feel guilty, I have had up to 5 weks off with a chest infection. You need all your energy to teach, not to mention your breath and voice. You can make it up to your students when you get back.
    Send in detailed lesson plans to ease your guilt, but above all rest, relax and recover fully. You will only weaken your immune system if you don't.
  9. I've been diagnosed with pneumonia after a persistent cough for 4 months. I work in retail, working most weeks from 40-48 hours, sometimes 8 days on the trot, also nights, it's physical work involving lifting heavy crates and climbing ladders, not to mention being on my feet all day and costantly walking, I'm sure I'm ill now as I've burnt the candle at both ends, I'm approaching 60 and I'm a solo parent, so need to work. How long do i need off work, I must admit I've never felt so ill, but I'm frightened to go back too soon, incase it reoccurs.
  10. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Gosh this is an old thread. Presumably you did a web search and found this?

    If it's 'walking pneumonia', antibiotics should do the trick, though you might need more than one course. Should be able to work, though you might find yourself pphysically tired.

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