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Recounts - Story ideas Year 1

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Emnemz, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. Fairytales are always a good one cos most children will know the basics of a fairytale and can recount them from memory, even better with an input of course :)

    On my last teaching practice in Year 1 they recounted a trip they'd been on using photos I'd taken as a storyboard of the day and it of course helped them remember significant things that had happened throughout the day.

    You could always role play something exciting happening in your classroom then recount "the day when..."
  2. Thanks for that,

    Any other help or ideas would be great thanks
  3. I have always taught recounts as a non fiction item based on something the children have experienced e.g a school trip, an assembly or sports event they participated in. As an example The Whale Watching Trip by Rigby is a good big book for KS1 written in the form of a recount.
  4. Recounts from personal experience always seem to be more successful. I'm taking my class on a trip and our recount work will be based on that. The photostory idea is fantastic and I will be pinching that thank you!!
  5. I got the chn to do some role-play (we pretended we went to the zoo) and the children were animals etc. They coloured in the mask and they acted it out. I took photos of it. The next day I put the photos onto sheets and they wrote a sentence under each picture to recount what had happened.
  6. hello I have just used the story The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle for our recount writing ( as it was our text for our half term topic) I got some very detailed recounts.

  7. Thanks for all these dieas, Farmer Duck is a good one as well

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