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Recount lesson plan year 4

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Amber21, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    I am doing recounts with my year 4 class and wondered if anyon had any lesson plans or ideas that they could send me or tell me about paying attention to recounts and connectives. I have just gone blank and am starting to stress that I have no ideas. I would also be grateful if anyone for lesson plans on recounts with paragraphs and adjectives as a focus. I would quite like to involve a dvd and get the chn to recount the dvd? But I just have no clue how to fit it in. I am an NQT and getting nervous about starting my new post in just over a weeks time :(
    Thank you
  2. There are plenty of plans/ideas on this site as well as plenty of others if you take time to look. I generally start with a poetry or narrative unit. This unit I always think is better related to something the children know which is why it's useful to have done something with them - visit, residential etc.
    Think about using a children's newspaper - First News is quite good - to give them examples that they can actually read. Get them to write diary entries, letters (which obviously include a recount). If you're doing this immediately after the holidays then they could write a recount of a visit or day out.
    Alternatively, link it into your topic. I shall be doing lots of these activities but the final piece will be related to my history topic.
    Good luck.

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