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Recording systems for Primary Data

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by hayleyeverest, Apr 17, 2013.

  1. We currently use the STARS online system for recording all of our assessment data for reading, writing and maths, along with other useful information about intervention groups, clubs etc. This has been really useful from a recording point of view, but does not seem to be as effective for extracting data, such as progress and attainment of FSM in a specific year group. I have been searching online and have found many different systems to use for this, but wondered if anyone uses anything that would serve this purpose? It needs to be simple for staff to enter data, but also be quite sophisticated in the types of reports produced and filters used. It seems all the similar threads on here were started quite some time ago, so I could do with some up-to-date advice!
    Many thanks!
  2. moleylong

    moleylong New commenter

    Classroom Monitor?
  3. We tried this some yers back but staff did not get on well with it (although I'm not entirely sure why!). We either need something that will track progress in the way that classroom monitor does, or where we can just input termly level assessments. It's the generation of data that is more of an issue for us.
  4. Ronson

    Ronson New commenter

    Are there any other packages in common use? I've seen a couple of wall displays - clearly computer produced - that show each class's achievement in a tree format or similar.
  5. We've used Essex Target Tracker for ages. Put the data in and enough reports can come out to even drown Ofsted in data
  6. Pupil asset is in my opinion even better than the Essex Target Tracker.

    This link http://www.pupilasset.com/ will take you to their website. They will give you a free trail and were willing in my experience to come and demo in school. It was so good We got a demo for about thirty local schools.

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