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record keeping/assessment in nursery

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by julietreynolds, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. hi everyone!
    i'm just about to start my fourth year teaching in a school nursery, and still haven't found the ideal way to do record keeping/assessment (although i know there isn't one!) i don't know any other nursery teachers (there's just me at our school), so i'm really curious to find out what other nurseries do. basically, i'm finding what we do (as directed by the ey co-or) too labourious, and not very useful- we file our small and narrative obs into files for each child, stuck on pages to correspond with their age/stage, opposite the entire development matters for that age/stage, and once a term assess them by highlighting off the development matters which they are able to do. i'm sure most people have their issues with the eyfs, one of mine being that it doesn't focus enough on key developmental steps e.g. solitary play/parallel play/coop play, and i feel like my highlighting is a waste of time! i was thinking of maybe using a key skills sheet instead, and a 'learning journey' book to put observations and evidence (like child initiated work and photos) in, to also make the files more individual and personal- it'd be really helpful to know what other people do!
  2. Hi,
    I have just finished my third and final year in FS1 before moving into FS2.
    Assessment and paperwork and what to do with it has been really trial and error with our FS unit, we have tried something different every year and think we have finally found something that works.
    We are in Egypt so parents understanding of the EYFS isnt really that great (despite constant reminders!) anyway, we have tried highlighting and countless pieces of paper but the end result was a ton of papers nobody knew what to do with, especially the next teacher. This year, what we did was produce a sheet similar to F2s profile sheet with the Dev Mat on it and photocopied it to A3 size. We then stuck this inside the children's learning journey. Myself and 2 TA's divided the class into 3 and had a group of Key Worker children, and each teacher then became responsible for their groups Assessment. We would sit down at the end of our school week together and highlight what we think the children had achieved against observations and the Dev Mat.
    At the end of the term (which was 3 weeks ago here [​IMG] the learning journeys were wonderful and it was amazing to see how far the children had come.
    Inside the learning journey was pieces of the childrens work (photos or photocopies if the children were not willing to give them up) post its, and small observation sheets. We were lucky in that we have a video camera at school and were able to produce DVDs for the children also.
    Hope that helps!
  3. Hi Lulu!,,
    It great to have you share your ideas of record keeping of children's assessment . It would be good if you attach copies of the profile sheet with the Dev Mat to enable me to see how you did it. The Learning Journeys seems to be a nice name given for a profile.

    Thank you,
    Puvanes, Malaysia


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