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Recommended Reading for Heads and Senior Leaders

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by way2serious, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. Which leadership books would you recommend for a relatively new HT and / or senior staff in primary? I have looked at quite a few on Amazon but don't want to spend on a fortune on books I am unsure about. Suggestions gratefully received!
  2. dusty67

    dusty67 New commenter

    Michael Fullan is really good

    The Six Secrets of Change is very practical( first lesson is you must love your staff), as is Leading in a Culture of Change (I think this one even has a work book you can go through to support your thinking)


    Jim Collins Good to Great is not an education leadership book, but is really useful in leadership (especially the bit where he says that the best leaders are always humble)

    The Empty Raincoat by Charles Handy is another easy read.

    I read all of these either sitting on the beach or by the pool, so they are easy going! Or maybe I'm just a saddo!
  3. I would have thought that at least one of you would have read some management/leadership books before becoming a head or member of SLT.
    Maybe check out the reading lists for some Masters degrees in Educational Leadership? Maybe even do a Masters?

  4. Be sure, if you do, that the tutors have experienced leadership within the last year or two....Interview them before you shell out the £'s
  5. dusty67

    dusty67 New commenter

    Actually, I'm always surprised by how much many people in education don't read. Speaking with my staff last week, none of them had read even a summary of the white paper, and no one had heard of Ruth Miskin. Given that phonics is a big area for improvement in our school, is it too much to expect staff to have done a little bit of research themselves and not just be reliant upon the info being spoon-fed at INSET. And yes, we do build time into INSET programmes for own research

    Mind you, many heads are no better. At a recent meeting we were talking about the disappearing role of the SIP. I was meet with blank looks by some who openly admitted to not reading the white paper.
  6. Exactly, dusty.
    It is bordering disgraceful that the vast majority of staff (including senior staff) don't keep up to date with developments etc. And many have minimal qualifications. I think we'd be horrified if other professionals we rely on took the same approach to CPD (doctors, solicitors, surveyors etc). Maybe they do, but somehow I doubt it!
  7. May I suggest some light-hearted, yet thought-provoking reading for school leaders?
    "40 School Leadership No-Nos + 24 Golden Rules!"
  8. No doubt they will be waiting to be updated by their national strategy advisor and are wondering what has appened to their standard grant streams[​IMG]
  9. MisterMaker

    MisterMaker Occasional commenter

    A simple question requiring a simple answer, not sure why one or two feel the need to go off topic on this one.
    My suggestion - Stephen Covey's 7 habits. I'm not into the american self help literature but was recommended to read this one. I didn't read it, but instead I took the easy route and downloaded the audio version from the pirate bay people. Well worth it and listen to it on my ipod.
  10. Thomas Sergiovanni's 'Leadership: What's In It For Schools?' is an absolute must read. Down-to-earth and practical, but rooted in a strong philosophy.
  11. Italianophile

    Italianophile New commenter

    I agree - Sergiovanni's book is both practical and insightful.
  12. Italianophile

    Italianophile New commenter

    Cotter's "My iceberg is melting" is fantastic. It's about leadership and implementing change in general rather than education specific but when I read all the various penguin characters, boy could I match them up in our staffroom!
  13. titus4t

    titus4t New commenter

    Just finished Six Secrets of Change. Quite easy to read; lots of interesting references to follow up. Thank you for suggesting it. Now looking for Thomas Sergiovanni.......

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