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Recommended books on teaching in foundation stage please

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by kat38, May 7, 2011.

  1. After 12 years teaching in KS1 and 2 (most recently in Year 2) I have been told that I will be teaching in foundation stage and being foundation stage leader in September. I'm really excited, but also pretty terrified as the last time I taught Reception was many moons ago on teaching practice! One of the reasons I have been asked to do it is that the current teacher has been in post for over 20 years and things are done in quite a 'stale' way and so in many ways I need to start organisation from scratch..I was hoping someone would be able to recommend a good book / set of books that I could read to give me a few ideas on how to go about planning, the structure of the day and setting up the classroom + of course any other tips or information!
    Many Thanks in advance
    Kat x
  2. The Foundation Stage Teacher In Action by Margaret Edgington
  3. That's brilliant - I love it! Thanks
  4. breadmaker

    breadmaker New commenter

    Have a look at the Foundation Stage Forum website- sorry I don't know how to hyperlink! This is dedicated to all things under 5 and there are some great forums and articles on there that will certainly give you plenty to think about!!
  5. pete72

    pete72 New commenter

    Like Bees not Butterflies Sally Featherstone is essential, and of course ABCDOES
  6. Another good blog from an Australian woman I think is
    http://progressiveearlychildhoodeducation.blogspot.com/ She has some lovely ideas for outdoors.

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