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Recommended Authors

Discussion in 'Primary' started by catherinejane25, Mar 4, 2020.

  1. catherinejane25

    catherinejane25 New commenter

    I am a Year 4 teacher (Primary 5 in Northern Ireland), and am new to the year group this year. I am doing an author focus once a half term, encouraging children to bring in books to share in the Class Library. So far we have had Roald Dahl, Michael Morpurgo and David Walliams, which the kids have loved. I tried Anne Fine, but none of the children seemed to have any of her books! Does anyone have any authors they would recommend, who have a range of different titles appropriate for Year 4? I was thinking about Phillip Pullman or Dick-King Smith next.
    Any and all suggestions welcome- thanks!
  2. Wotton

    Wotton Lead commenter

    Cressida Cowell, how to train your dragon books. Helen Cresswell, Gillian Cross, Anthony Horowitz, Dick King Smith,.......
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  3. otters258

    otters258 New commenter

    Love reading for kids is a great website to register with and will point you in the direction of lots of good, current authors. After that the second hand site World of Books is the place to go to buy them.
  4. DFC

    DFC New commenter

    Paul Jennings and Michael Lawrence - Good for reluctant boy readers.
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