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Recommendations for a new Functional Skills English Exam Board

Discussion in 'English' started by marefly1971, Jun 8, 2020.

  1. marefly1971

    marefly1971 New commenter


    I am a subject lead at a specialist school for children with visual impairments (VI). For our Functional Skills English pupils we have been using OCR but now that it has discontinued providing this we need to fins a new board.

    I was wondering if any of you have any recommendations for a board. Resourcing is particularly tricky when teaching children with VI so any new provider would have to have good resources. Also, I want to avoid too much paper work and administration.

    I am doing my own research and I look forward to what any of you have experienced.

    Kind regards-Mary Ellen
  2. masterplan1001

    masterplan1001 New commenter

    The new AQA specification is engaging and enabling. Three shortish sources at both levels, a range of short questions including multiple choice and True/False. Students like the variety. Level 2 also has questions testing language and comparison which could be good prep/practice for GCSE. The writing papers are similar to the legacy spec and have interesting stimulus material to get students started.
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  3. marefly1971

    marefly1971 New commenter

    Thank you masterplan1001!

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