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Reception Welcome Pack

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by welshy, Mar 31, 2007.

  1. shellyf

    shellyf New commenter

    Could I please have a copy too?
    Thank you very much.
  2. Hi a copy would be great if thats still OK I can send you a list of email links which i made for parenst in return! Thanks. scopher@hotmail.com
  3. I would love to see an example of the pack if you don't mind, I would really appreciate it.
    Thx in advance.

  4. please, please could i have a copy of the pack and powerpoint. i have to do an intro talk to parents really soon and this would save me hours of work!!
  5. toty

    toty New commenter

    As I've said before, nothing special but might help.
    Sent e-mails. Best of luck everyone.

    Shellyf - be glad to send you bits & pieces - if you could leave your e-mail please.
  6. Sorry to jump on the band wagon but would be much appreciated! excuseme@tesco.net Thanks again xx
  7. shetland-kat

    shetland-kat New commenter

    Another bandwagon jumper here, but there are so many people saying great things and I am intrigued too!

    :) Many many thanks!!


  8. sajjy

    sajjy New commenter

    I have just had a look at your pp presentation - great! Thanks for being so generous. Would you be able to email me your other resources. I would be very grateful. hardensaj@aol.com
  9. sajjy

    sajjy New commenter

    Thanks ********** - very useful ideas for reception welcome pack.
  10. Another bandwagon jumper here, but there are so many people saying great things and I am quite new to Reception so all help is great!

    :) Many many thanks!!

  11. Toty
    forgot to says thanks in advance if you are able email presentation to me!

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