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Reception Welcome Pack

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by welshy, Mar 31, 2007.

  1. Thank you for such a brilliant ppt Toty - well done.
    WOULD i BE ABLE to have a copy of your pack too for readiness at June parent, evening. Thank you

  2. toty

    toty New commenter

    So kind - Best of luck! Check mail.
  3. toty

    toty New commenter

    Hello - nothing special but hope you might find something useful. Check e-mail. (Thanks star!)
  4. Just seen this thread...sounds fantastic.Please can you send me a copy of your information too.. many thanks.

  5. Sorry to jump on the bandwagon, but please could I have a copy too! Thank you so much!

  6. Please could I have a copy too. I need some inspiration to get me started on this task- just one of many on my "to do" list this term. Thanks in advance.
  7. Toty, could I please have a copy of your pack. Have just downloaded the ppt as well. Will have a look when I get into school.
    Thanks in advance.
  8. When i tried to look at powerpoint inspired by all the positive comments it says templates not there Why is this? will try again later. Could i see your pack please in case it refuses to let me see powerpoint. We aim to offer simple straightforward advice and not too much paper or they wont look at it.

  9. could someone email me the powerpoint since its been downloaded a lot and it just wont let me!!
  10. toty

    toty New commenter

    Hello bluerose.

    Sorry you're having trouble downloading the powerpoint. Have sent you an e-mail (& everyone else). Hope it works. Let me know if it doesn't. As I've said before, the bits & pieces are nothing special but might give you some ideas. Thanks.

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