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Reception Welcome Pack

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by welshy, Mar 31, 2007.

  1. Hi we are currently trying to update our welcome pack for the new reception children in september and I was wondering what do you do you your school. What do you include? Any help would be greatful. Thank you
  2. Hi we are currently trying to update our welcome pack for the new reception children in september and I was wondering what do you do you your school. What do you include? Any help would be greatful. Thank you
  3. Hi welshy

    I would also be really interested to hear other peoples responses to this as I will be in foundation in September and my Head has already suggested I look at this area!!

  4. uno



    Was thinking ours needed updating this year but was also looking for inspiration.

    Currently we put in copy of school prospectus, copy of school meal menu, information sheet about what they will need to bring / buy, as well as sheet about the benefits of the differing opportunities for play in our setting e.g sand, construction etc. We explain what skills these encourage and develop as parents often think the children "just playing" and somehow don't connect with learning.

    Not sure what else could be included. If any other ideas would also be interested. Anyone??
  5. my daughters pack included how the school write their numbers and letters (with the accompanying rhymes eg number 4 = down, across and oar in the water). it was very useful as we wanted to do some things at home. They also gave us some 'worksheets' such as over wrting and colouring in so they presumably had a baseline of our child in a relaxed environment. She started off part time (1week mornings, 1 week afternoon etc) and they included the names of the children in each group
  6. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    We include a handwriting sheet showing letter formation and the child's name written in the school handwriting style. We also include a JP parents information leaflet which are free from JollyLearning. Some number games to play at home and out and about.
  7. Maybe I should make one for people? If you provide me with a list of the kind of thing you are after I may be able to produce something :)

  8. That would be excellent SB

    The number formation rhymes I have in school, i could send you those. You could maybe make a sheet with pics of the different areas on so we can show the new ch and talk about what we do in those areas. x
  9. ********** I think that the would be a great idea! At the moment we have the normal prospectus and things. I was thinking of adding a social story sort of thing going through what we do when we enter school so that the children know what to do on the first day and hopefully help any anxious children. At the moment we have a double a3 sheet for the children to fill out which includes a teddy bear for the children to copy over (dotted lines) and they have to colour in bits that they know such as I can do up buttons, zips, velcro, I know these colours, I can count to...., this is how I write my name. I thought that it might be good to know what they like playing with most such as trains etc so that we can make sure the majority have something out that they are familar with on the first day. We used to gage this from home visits but we don't do them any more. Any ideas / help would be great! thanks
  10. well all your ideas have got me thinking. I need to get started on this asap!

    Can't wait to see what you come up with SB-your resources are always great!
  11. Ok, great ideas... I am sure i can incorporate some of the ideas I used when I taught too :)

  12. toty

    toty New commenter


    Prior to the New Parents? meeting we send out contact/medical/confidentiality sheets to be completed & also a ?Getting to know your child? sheet (likes/dislikes etc.)

    At the New Parents Evening meeting? we give out the school prospectus & a pack which includes:
    ? an agenda for the evening
    ? welcome letter & induction arrangements
    ? a ?Starting School? booklet (practical suggestions, dressing, lunches, curriculum, correct letter/numeral formation settling in etc.)
    ? list of class names
    ? positive comments from inspectors
    ? uniform order sheet from local stockist
    ? PTFA welcome letter
    ? ?Parents? guide to the first big day? (practical advice)
    ? BBC Cbeebies ?grown-ups? information about foundation stage
    ? ?Count & Figure it Out? & ?Read & Write? (helping your child with maths/literacy at home ? either send for magazines or download from Basic Skills Agency http://www.basic-skills-wales.org/bsastrategy/en/resource... )
    ? LEA school meals information
    ? Out of School Club

    I?ve uploaded an example of the powerpoint presentation we used last year to resources bank.

    We have a display of photos showing children on their first day ? busy & happy & also other annotated photos showing what the children have been learning when they tell their parents that ?they?ve just been playing!!?.

    Could e-mail examples of pack if anyone is interested.

  13. Hi I would love a copy - ive just downloaded your powerpoint and think it is amazing! Thank you!! This thread has just saved me HOURs of work...I can now enjoy Easter!!
  14. May2

    May2 Established commenter

    Toty your Powerpoint presentation is brilliant. I have been wanting to update the info I give my Nursery parents and this will be really useful for me.
    It is great that so many of you are prepared to share all your hard work. Many thanks toty
  15. What a fantastic power point thanks for sharing. I would be interested in your e mail if possible. Many thanks
  16. uno


  17. Hi Toty

    Thanks for the great powerpoint it will be put to very good use at my parents meeting and can be so easily adapted to suit our school. Would love a look at your other resources!



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