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Reception to Year 1 transition

Discussion in 'Primary' started by jennisewell, May 27, 2011.

  1. ellie28

    ellie28 New commenter

  2. Hi I am in the same situation as lisha. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thankyou, my email is lntownson@hotmail.com :)
  3. Hi sorry to jump on the band wagon,
    if you are still e-mailing I would be very grateful to see how you do it so successfully.
    Thank you so much.

  4. I'd be really grateful to be emailed your stuff too. It sounds amazing and I would definitely like to implement this in my classroom. Thank you so much!

  5. pinkang

    pinkang New commenter

    Please could I jump on the bandwagon too - It sounds very good. Thank you.


    Thanks again x
  6. Dear Besticanbe,
    I know it has been a while since you offered to share, but I hope you don't mind if I ask for a copy of your plans/resources too. My email address is Jessyjane@sky.com.
    Many thanks.
  7. missdarling

    missdarling New commenter

    Hi Besticanbe, I'd really appreciate it if you could send me a copy too, I love the sound of your class, am starting my NQT year in year 1 and have started having the fear dreams! Would love to have a more concrete concept of play-based learning. Thanks! poppybull@hotmail.co.uk x
  8. Hello Bestlcanbe,
    I would love some help on any resources or planning that you have used to keep the transition from Foundation to Year 1 as smooth as possible. I had a Year 1 class last year and although it was good I always strive to do better and be a better teacher. Any help you can give me would be very valuable.
    Address: mariafish2000@yahoo.com
    Kindest regards.
  9. Hi,
    I'm an NQT starting in year 1. they are low ability so need all the help i can get.
    can i have a copy of your plans please.
    thanks again
  10. Hello!

    I know we are a year on, but I wondered if you still had all this information and would be able to send it to me? It sounds really interesting for my Year 1 class!!

    Let me know,

  11. Hi there
    I am an NQT too going to start in a new school from where I did my training as a GTP and would also appreciate it if I could have a copy of your plans etc as I have experience is with year 3 and this is going to be a completely different approach.
    My email is thewebzells@aol.com
    thank you so much [​IMG]
  12. Hi BestIcan be

    Another request for planning etc Im afraid PLEASE!
    I'm returning to year 1 after 5 years in EYFS, a maternity leave and year 3 ! I know our year 1 isn't all that it could be in terms of transition so a bit of ofsted approved planning and organisation might be just the ticket to convince people changes should be made.

    Thanks in advance
  13. Hi

    I have really enjoyed this thread as I will be teaching year 1 next term after a break away.Ofsted approved plans would be invaluable if you are still emailing them out thank you in advance

  14. Please could you email me? Sounds great! It's lorraine.bamforth@ymail.com thanks! X
  15. Hi there, was just wondering if you could also send me the info if it has been passed on?? Would really appreciate the help. Thank you!! Email: fatimalm85@gmail.com
  16. Could I please request and email. Would be ver interested in your way of running y1. Would especially love to see some pictures of your class if poss?
  17. after seeing how many people had requested thought I wouldn't be able to then I read your post besticanbe and thought it sounded fab and just what I need going into R/Y1 for the first time. If you are still emailing I would much appreciate this,

    nadinenctnd@hotmail.com many thanks
  18. I am a 3rd yr student and am due to start my yr1 placement the end of the month. Please could you send me a copy too I really need to make this TP a good one. Thanks [​IMG] tesmaralda@blueyonder.co.uk

  19. Hi - I am new to Year 1 and feeling a bit shaky after today.

    I would really appreciate a look if anyone would be able to forward this to me I would be very happy. Thank you.


    Many thanks!

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