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Reception to Year 1 transition

Discussion in 'Primary' started by jennisewell, May 27, 2011.

  1. Robin65

    Robin65 New commenter

    Sorry to add to the list but please can you send it to me too?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Hi, would appreciate a copy of this to if you really wouldn't mind. I am starting my first year 1 class and would appreciate any extra help.

    Many Thanks in anticipation
  3. Just wondering if these plans are still being emailed or whether you ve now posted them somewhere...I am intrigued and would be ever so grateful...


    Thank you!
  4. Oh me too please--- I guess it would be quicker to post them on resources. If you have done that already - someone please point me in the right direction. Thanks very much
  5. Hi,
    I know it's over 2 years ago that you posted this but I wondered whether you could email me (lisa2488@hotmail.co.uk) some of your plans :) I have just got my first job in Year 1 and I would love some ideas for the first couple of weeks, and any valuable info on classroom orgamisation etc!
    Thanks, Lisa
  6. Hi Bestlcanbe,
    I have picked up on this thread and wondered if you could send me this information as well. I am really excited about getting my new class in September. Email is simon_wyke@hotmail.com.
  7. HI,

    I have just found this thread as well and wondered if you could email me tool! Would be a great resource. Email is kirstymarea@hotmail.com

  8. Hi Bestlcanbe,

    Again, sorry to join the increasingly long list, but I'd also really appreciate copies of what you have been sending out. I'm moving down from Y5 to Y1 in September...thrilled to finally get the chance at KS1 after five years in KS2, but also think it will require some big changes on my part!
    Thanks very much: tompratt101@hotmail.com
  9. Hi there, I realise I am a year or so late to join this conversation! But your plans and ideas sound wonderful, I'm an NQT working in year 1 for the last term. Am trying to develop an effective play based approach...would love some ideas for September! If you are still willing to email you information I would be forever grateful! georgiecollins@ymail.com
  10. This sounds so interesting. My current school is interested in this. I can see it's not on resources yet, so I'd be greatful if you can e-mail me. I think you have enough interest to write an article!

  11. Hello! Just found this post and was wondering if you were still emailing.... I'd really love it if you could email me the w1 plans if you have them still. chananderlerbong@hotmail.com
    Thanks ever so,
  12. Hello,

    I am new to year 1 also and beginning to plan for Septemeber. Please can you send me any help! It will be greatly appreciated :) s0804295@uni.cumbria.ac.uk Thanks
  13. Hi, I have just read through the many many replies to your thread from a long time ago and wondered if it would be possible to see a copy of your plans please to see how I may be able to make my year one class room more informal from September. Hope that's possible - email is mariaperez@hotmail.co.uk
  14. The play based approach to year one sounds right up my street too. Please could I also be included in the email.
    I also found some great ideas for more fluid learning in resources- search for water, sand and malleable play. There's. a whole booklet of ideas with all the foundation stage levels- well worth a look for ideas
    Also search sensory play- brilliant recipes for gloop, clean mud, soggy pasta etc etc

    My mail address is pparry@wsgfl.org.uk

    Many thanks
  15. Hi sorry to jump on the band wagon,
    if you are still e-mailing I would be very grateful to see how you do it so successfully. :0)
    Thank you so much. x
  16. Me too!! Sounds great:) fblo0981@uni.sydney.edu.au

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