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Reception to Year 1 transition

Discussion in 'Primary' started by jennisewell, May 27, 2011.

  1. Hello Bestlcanbe,

    Could you possibly send me a copy of the discussion, your plans, photos etc please? My email adress is nicolebailey1@hotmail.co.uk

    It sounds like an absolutely fantastic resource and would love to have a look over it. Your enthusiasm for the year sounds fantastic.

    I have just completed my NQT year in Year 1 and found it so much fun. I found it hard to balance the continuous provision with the more formal approach to learning as felt pressure from the Year 2 teachers to move the children away from the EYFS approach to learning. I would love to master it and get it working the way it appears your setting does.

    Thanks in advance,
  2. Hi, sorry to be another to your list, I am starting as an NQT in year 1 with no experience really and would appreciate anything you could send, as it sounds great. My email is gemzy66@hotmail.com.Thanks x
  3. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

  4. Hello BestIcanbe!
    I really hope i am not too late...Im also an NQT starting with a Year 1 class..which i have not had the pleasure of training with yet,,,and am also nervous about the transition. I have spent hours going over plans and am finding it hard to settle on a best approach. I would love to please see your plans for ideas and your timetable. It sounds like a fantastic and positive approach that i would love to adapt.
    My address it cdyer86@gmail.com.

    Thank you very much...i hope it is not too much of a hassle :)
  5. Hi, I'm not sure if I'm too late but would love your fantastic ideas. I too am in Year 1 for the first time and I'm struggling to get my head around it. Would you mind sending me your plans/ideas? My email address is lizhamer@hotmail.com . Thank you kindly in advance!
  6. @bestIcanbe Sorry to jump on the bandwagon too but as a new Year 1 teacher moving from LKS2, I would really appreciate some extra guidance. Your plans and ideas would be a great insight. My email address is kirstyelcock@hotmail.com. Many thanks :)
  7. Hello
    Do you think you could send me any bits you have about Year 1 I am taking on a Year 1 class and head wants it run like EY which I have never done any advice would be great my email is sianetc@gmail.com.
    Thanks alot
  8. WendiH

    WendiH New commenter

    I have just read your message about free flow and learning - I am very interested in developing my use of this with my year1's . This year I am due to have some reception children as well, so I would like to get it right! If you still have the plans etc available, I would love a copy. Many thanks in advance at this late stage of the holiday! My email is rory.riordan@CARE4FREE.net
  9. erialcrobo

    erialcrobo New commenter

    Hi, I would really appreciate it if you could email it to me too. My email address is claire82_is@hotmail.com thank you.
  10. This sounds fantastic. Please could you email me aswell victoriasnicola@hotmail.co.uk
    Much appreciated

  11. Hi Besticanbe,
    I cannot believe that I did not see this thread before now. I'd be very grateful to receive a copy of your plans for transition. Sorry to add to your workload but this looks too good to miss!! My email is vsf01@live.co.uk.
    Many thanks.
  12. Hi there,

    I am a NQT and will be teaching a Y1 class....I would LOVE to see what you do...could you send me info on how you work...anything wouild be helpful as my colleaguw in a Y1/2 class and i want to implement something very similar.
    My email is lynne@pixrect.com

  13. Hi, I haven't received it either, I would be very grateful for any help and guidance you can give me in relation to 'play based learning' in year 1 and 'continuous prevision areas'. Thank you in advance! My email address is becky.hartley@hotmail.co.uk
  14. Hi
    I know your post was a while ago but would it be possinle for you to send me the plans/info you spoke about in your post, really struggling with the transition. Many thanks

  15. Hello, I would greatly appreciate having a good look at what you have done in year 1 to further support my teaching in year 1, emma.hennigan@hotmail.co.UK
  16. Hi Bestlcanbe,
    Struggling with transition at my school - we don't have a policy! Aargh.. so need all the help I can get! From the amount of email requests you have had it is clear there is a real demand for this! Could you send me any plans, photos etc to help? We are going to be visited by OFSTED this year and want to get this right. My email: ann.mcgov@blueyonder.co.uk
    Sounds like you are doing an amazing job!
    Can't thank you enough!

  17. Please could I have a copy too! I am a KS2 teacher and am currently interested in finding out more about the EYFS and the transition to year 1.

    My e-mail is reesdebbie@hotmail.com

    Thank you :)


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