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Reception to Year 1 transition

Discussion in 'Primary' started by jennisewell, May 27, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I am a very excited NQT who has just got a job teaching year 1 in September in a one form entry school.
    Can anyone give me any pointers for settling the children well in the first term and easing the transition from the foundation stage to KS1? Obviously I want to get them into good routines early on but don't want to lose the valuable play-based learning!
    Similiarly, although university may has briefed me for phonics, parents evenings and AfL, no one has given any advice on what to do on the first day/week of term! What are the best ways to make introductions, class rules etc with 5 year olds who may or may not be missing their mums!
    Thank you!
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  2. Hello Jenni,
    I'm a Yr1 teacher who runs a free flow EY style Y1. It works exceptionally well, and the independent work (especially writing) is amazing. As long as you have firm reading and numeracy monitoring in place the rest happens wonderfully in a play based environment (indoor and out)
    There was a big discussion about this a few days ago...I'll happily email you the info. I put on that post and some plans, photos, enhancement and constant provision sheets...what's your email address?
    We just had Ofsted and we got outstanding with YR and Y1 highlighted for their great independent skills and transition because of the play based learning, so it def. works and is becoming a really valued way of learning.
    I can also email you some W1 plans if you'd like. Year 1 is magical. You will be a HUGE part in your little class going from beginner readers to fluent readers and they will go from emergent writing to writing full and amazing sentences and stories! You'll never look back :0)
  3. Hi, I'm a class 1 teacher in a one form entry and I have so far adopted a very formal style in Yr 1 ( this was my NQT year). I am thinking about doing it differently next year and would really appreciate any information you can provide on how to do this. We are due Ofsted next year and I'd really like to get it right! Thanks, Jen.
  4. zza-zza

    zza-zza New commenter

    Besticanbe, your setting sounds really exciting. Any chance that you could share your ideas on the TES Resources section? Many thanks.
  5. It you could post these on resource section that would be great. I am going to year 1 from year 2.
  6. lardylady

    lardylady Star commenter

    I also had Y1 for the first time this year, and in our school Y1 has always been run quite formally from day 1. I would also be very interested in ideas about a more play-based approach with more independent learning. However, how do the children then cope in Y2 when the curriculum has to be more formal?
  7. Would you mind sharing with me too? Sounds just the professional, experienced advice I need too.

    Email addy is peskycat@gmail.com
  8. I'm interested too! I'm about to start the GTP in Yr 1, with a placement in Yr R so am currently investigating transition.

    gingerbreadamy @ gmail.com
  9. I've emailed everyone who put their address on here.....let me know if you want stuff too [​IMG]
    I haven't added it to resources yet. I plan on doing no real school work over 1/2 term. x
  10. cally1980

    cally1980 Established commenter

    I have a feeling im about to go from year 4 to year 1, never spent more than a day in ks1 so am a little nervous! Would you mind emailing me your stuff too please?! cally_mansi@hotmail.com ty x
  11. I would be very interested to see your info BestIcanbe my email address is patdewar50@gmail.com
  12. Thank you so much. Haven't had chance to read through it yet.
  13. Hi - all of this sounds wonderful and it would be amazing if you could share with me too.
    I've done most of my training in Upper KS2 but find myself (very happily) applying for Year 1 and feeling a little out-of-touch!
    Thanks, Jude.
    E-mail me at animalpj@aol.com
  14. Hey,
    Exactly same as post above! Try to avoid jumping on bandwagon threads but this sounds far too useful to miss as I make the drop from UKS2 to Yr1!
  15. GTP student about to start in Yr 1 - sorry to be a pest but would love to see these resources too!


    Thanks in advance!
  16. Your freeflow set-up sounds ideal. I would be very keen to look at the info you have put together.
    Mank thanks mungogerry@aol.com
  17. Im in year 1 next year after 5 years in reception. I am taking
    my class up and I want to make drastic changes to the current
    ways of working. I have the support of the head so would love
    to see how you timetable the day/week.
    My email adress is e.hathaway@stmryb29.bham.sch.uk
  18. Hi, GTP Student about to start in Year 1, could someone please e-mail me the plans.
    Much appreciated
  19. I already work in a play based way in Y1 but would love to see how you do things and see if I can learn a thing or two! Especially with regards to encouraging independant writing - mine do whatever they can to avoid it!


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