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Reception TA becoming a HLTA

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by receptionta, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. I am a Reception qualified TA at NVQ Level 3 for Child Learning and Development. After 3 years in Reception I am keen to gain experience in other classes. I am paid on a HLTA scale and regularly cover the whole class. Would I need to do HLTA training to apply for that position or would my NVQ3 and experience be enough?
  2. chey

    chey New commenter

    I think you would need the status - should do anyway [​IMG]
  3. Are you talking about applying for a HLTA post internally or outside your own school?
    I have never seen a HLTA post advertised without an expectation of having the HLTA status.
  4. I have seen such a position advertised in one of my local Essex Primary schools.
    Required - "An HLTA required to teach across all primary year groups in order to provide PPA time and supply cover. HLTA qualifiacation is dessirable but not essential. Minimum educational requirements GCSE English and Maths Grade C"
    I showed this advert to my local MP. He is really ignorant of the current situation in education but still voted for the Education Bill only because it was government policy even though he did not know the contents of the Bill. Even he picked up on the point about HLTA qualifications.
    This sort of situation is becoming even more prevalent in education now which is why so many supply teachers are finding it difficult to get work.

  5. hubcap

    hubcap New commenter

    HLTA is not a qualification, it is a status. If you have been covering classes and paid at HLTA level, I would apply for HLTA jobs stating that. You may get told that you have not got the experience in higher classes therefore your knowledge would be limited. However the responsibilty you have had may go in your favour. No harm in trying. Good luck.
  6. snugglepot

    snugglepot Occasional commenter

    The funding for training has ceased now.The (3day) training is really to get you through the assessment.I only know about the 3 day training.The HLTA status is meant to be for people already working at that level.In this area there have been few posts advertised and those that were wanted the HLTA. As the above post says your knowledge sounds limited to the Reception class so they may not interview you unless it is for a Reception job.As hubcap says there is no harm in trying.
  7. Thank u for the advice everyone. It would most likely be in another school. I sounds like gaining the status asap will give me more of a chance of getting to interview stage and gaining experience in other year groups.
  8. IMO HLTA status provides employers with a benchmark of your skills and experience as a TA. As others have said, it is not a course but simply a statement that you are working at a certain level. I suppose this could also be proved from your current experience and references from your school.
    I gained my HLTA status while I studied for a Foundation Degree. After this, I then did a two year 'top up' to gain QTS. While studying I worked as a TA 3 providing PPA cover in school. My pay and conditions did not change and I earned the same as other TAs doing a similar role with less qualifications. I guess if I'd changed schools during this time, then I would have been employed on those qualities and paid accordingly. As it was my choice to improve my skills, my school had no obligation to pay me more. However, they released me for my time at Uni and for me that was enough.
    I would apply regardless, you have nothing to lose. I would also recommend doing a Foundation Degree. I did not think I ever wanted to teach but I'm now just about to complete my first year as a qualified teacher and despite the long hours, I have loved every minute!!


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