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reception reports....how much should you write?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by fuzzyduck, May 28, 2008.

  1. This is one of mine from years gone by for PSE. It's 250 words.

    L... is a polite and caring member of the reception class, who enjoys her time at school. L... increasingly independently accesses resources and activities, meaning that her time is used very productively. She makes use of all areas of the indoor and outdoor classrooms, particularly enjoying writing, painting and gymnastics. Always keen to show off her achievements, L... often carries out tasks in close proximity to where an adult is working so that she can draw the adult?s attention to her efforts.

    L?s social skills are much enhanced and she can now sometimes resolve minor disagreements calmly and for herself; ?I don?t like it when you shout at me,? she recently told another child. Some of L?s loveliest qualities come in her ability to be caring and empathetic when other children are upset or hurt. L... instinctively reaches out to them to offer a comforting hug, kind words and practical help, like a tissue or a glass of water.

    Her awareness of, and adherence to the rules and routines of the classroom and school continue to improve, and L... can now usually be relied upon to behave well with only the smallest of reminders. Additionally, she is keen that other children follow the rules and routines, but on occasion, resorts to verbal aggression in order to convey her wishes to them. L... is learning to deal with all situations where things don?t go her way in a calm and pro-active manner, and continues to make steady progress in this area.

    The personal statement for the same child went like this

    L... has had a happy year in reception and has made good progress across all areas. Her enthusiasm for learning and eagerness to please, help her to keep pace, academically, with the other children within her ability group. However, it does remain a possibility that, in order to secure future gains in learning, L... may require additional support in key stage one. I wish her all the very best.

  2. I can write loads for the happy confident children... its the 4 that lack confidence, interest, initiative,etc ..any ideas?

    This is example of one of my fantastic children..
    A.....'s confidence and independance has increased significantly this year. She is always eager to learn and shows interest and excitement in all activities offered, both in and out of the classroom. A.... enjoyed our class trips to T.... and to U......and participated fully in all activities available. She has developed very good relationships with adults and children and is sensitive to the needs, views and feelings of others. A..... can play and work well alongside other children in both small and larger groups and understands what is right and what is wrong. She selects activities and resources independently and takes responsibility for looking after them.A.... is confident in using a range of resources and has confidence in herself and in what she can do.

    A.... has had an excellent year and deserves to feel proud of the progress she has made. She is eager to learn and is always willing to try new things. She approaches her work with enthusiasm and confidence and is helpful, considerate and polite towards her peers and adults alike.A.... has an excellent sense of humour and is confident when talking to both adults and class members. She is always happy to help others with their work, has a very caring nature and is a popular member of the class.a..... behaviour is excellent and she has been a pleasure to teach this year and I am sure she will do very well in Year one.
  3. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    Mine are short and sweet 1 side of A4 for all 6 areas
  4. OMG Msz! How? Being succinct is a skill I've never been able to master, both in writing and in face to face encounters (except parents evenings, which I somehow always managed to stick to the 10 min slots - maybe it was the thought of that cold beer waiting for me in the pub)!

    Cath its using phases like 'can sometimes' 'is working towards' 'has recently shown that' and 'is beginning to' that work well for children that haven't quite met the year end expectations - they can be applied to any area of learning.

  5. I would truly be lying for some of them though. I have one child who answers a totally different question when asked something eg: you might say 'what is your brothers name' she'll say 'tuesday' You say 'whats your fav colour' she'll say 'daniel'
  6. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    Oh face to face is something totally different that will take 2 whole days ...
  7. The statements keep changing on my programme
  8. has anyone else had this with report assist? the statements keep changing!!!
  9. Hi Cath, regarding post six, I think you can only be honest, but to try and do it in a positive way - and remember that anything contained in the report should not be a shock to the parents (ie concerns would have been raised with them previously about the randomness of this child's answers).

    This is part of the CLL report for the same child above, who was similar to the child you describe. I hope it helps.

    L... thoroughly enjoys whole class sessions and is always one of the first children arrive on the carpet in preparation. With occasional reminders, L... can listen and concentrate for increasing periods of time, and with an improved level of understanding of what is being said, though she still needs and benefits from frequent repetition and visual cues. L... is always keen and confident to respond to any story, theme or topic covered, and pleasingly, now often remembers to wait patiently for her turn to make a contribution to the discussion. Increasingly her responses are relevant to the session, but not every time, suggesting that she still struggles to process more complex pieces of information. In partner talk activities, L... has always allowed her partner to be the first to speak and share ideas, but of late, with adult encouragement, she has begun to develop and verbalise her own responses.

  10. Fuzzy duck your reports must take HOURS to write! I write a booklet so cover is name and a photo, the inside (equivalent of 1 side A4) for all 6 areas, and back page for strengths and areas for improvement and general comment - 1 or 2 sentences max. The key in writing a neg. report is comments such as 'still developing' 'beginning to...but still needs adult support'.
    My PSE comments are around 100 words, as are Lit and Num and other areas less.
  11. I like 'and now needs to...' for negatives/targets.
  12. k_e


    My school has 1 A4 page for al six areas and next steps. They look something like this:

    ?? has settled well into reception. She is a friendly girl who is well liked within the class and she mixes confidently with adults and children alike. She has a positive self image, volunteering to take part in all activities. She communicates confidently in whole class situations and is always willing to share her ideas. She is confident to try new activities and preserves with activities she finds challenging. She has a good understanding of right and wrong and is kind towards others. ?? is an excellent role model for her peers.

    Next step:
    ? To begin to take account of others ideas when working collaboratively.

    and thats one of the longer ones. We can only fit 2/3 sentences per area and a next step.
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