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Reception personal statement...oh dear ;/

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by pawarycy, Jun 9, 2011.

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    Hi all,

    I have applied for a million of posts....well maybe about 15 ;]...and I
    haven't been shortlisted for any of them yet. It is just a nightmare!...plus me
    and my wife are expecting a baby soon, so looking for a job is getting even
    more stressful.

    The school I am at the moment has just advertised a reception post and I
    really want that job.

    I was wondering if anyone would take a look at my personal statement to help
    me meet the job spec.?

    I would be very grateful for any advice.

  2. Are you looking very carefully at the person specification and making sure you show evidence of how you match it? do you give some personal examples of things from past experiences? Are you making sure your passion and enthusiasm for the job is evident?
    Sorry for all the questions but from my experience of SMt and shortlisting you can end up with a huge number of applicants. If this is the case you tend to look through and check whether they fit essential criteria. If they don't (even missing 1) they go straight into the no pile. Then you start sifting for ones that show individuality. So many can sound the same using statements like every child matters and personalised learning but not telling you anything about what that person is like as a teacher.
    1 further suggestion. Have you asked anyone who knows you to check through your application? they will know if you are underselling yourself.
    hope this helps and good luck
  3. More than happy to help, email to
    Me if you like, :)
  4. LauraJeanD

    LauraJeanD New commenter

    I recently got offered a job as a reception teacher and found I was being invited to quite a lot of interviews. If you would like to have a look at mine for ideas and comparisons then send me your email and I will forward you a copy :)
  5. Best advice is to directly address the person specification stating why you meet each point. Then you need to show that you have some oomph, and that you're not just writing a "list".
    A great phrase is "One of my beliefs in teaching ...."
    For example: "One of my beliefs in teaching is that children thrive given clear boudaries, reinforced with positive praise and good role models"
    So, you are saying what you think, backing it up with how you would achieve that in your own classroom. Send me a private message if you want some more examples or if you want me to have a look at your personal statement. I'd be happy to.
  6. Hey Laura,
    Don't suppose you have a copy of your personal statement I could have a look at. I am in the process of looking for another job and it would be helpful to look at an example of a statement. I have been at my school 8 years, thought it was time to move on!
    My email address is kmroyalsnoopy4@gmail com
  7. If I could possibly take a look as well, I would be so grateful. I have applied for about 10 EYFS vacancies to no avail. My email address is astralblanchard@hotmail.co.uk many thanks!
  8. Hey I have just seen this post. Any chance I could have a look at your personal statement as currently applying for eyfs job
  9. Hi LaurajeanD, i was looking through the forum on ideas on personal statements. I would love to see your statement to get some ideas as i am really struggling in this area. could you email me greggfamily1759@gmail.com, thanks
  10. HI Laura - i noticed this post as I am currently in the process of applying for Reception jobs, after completing my PGCE - finding the application process tricky. Would it be okay for me to have a look at your statement? if its still possible :) cmccarthy1906@gmail.com
  11. robertbears

    robertbears New commenter

    Hi Laura, I am currently applying for a job as a Reception TA and and I have been told that I need to do a personal statement but I am struggling with what I should put in my Statement as i've not done one before. I was wondering if I could have a cope of your statement to look at? Would be forever gratefull shila.burnell@sky.com
  12. mtsirika

    mtsirika New commenter

    Hi Laura, I am currently applying for a job as a Reception Teacher and I am struggling as well with the personal statement. I would appreciate a lot if you could please send me a copy of your personal statement as you have a deep experience as Reception Teacher. My email address is katmaltsi@gmail.com. Thanks.
  13. grumbleweed

    grumbleweed Star commenter

    This thread is 6 years old, I'm not even sure Laura is still around on here.
    have a go at writing your own personal statement perhaps asking a friend or colleague to go through it and check it against the person spec of the job.
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