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Reception; Maths Interview Lesson

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by emjd94, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. emjd94

    emjd94 New commenter

    Hi all,
    I have an interview lesson next week, within Reception and it is on one more and one less. I have a previously used (and observed) input that I want to use (and tweak a little), however I am not sure how exactly to finish off the lesson as it is only 20 minutes.

    Starter: Count up to twenty as a class
    Input: Powerpoint, different amount of objects on each slide, talking to partners to figure out what one more would be, and then one less.

    But my hurdle is the next bit, as it is only 20 minutes, how can I get the children more involved/show progress? In my previous class, I had done the input, and then the work was done through continuous provision, using booklets and numberlines for them to have a go alone/with support from the TA.

  2. Nt31

    Nt31 New commenter

    How about the children grow as they count to 20? You could then shrink as you count back down. If time you could show a position for the count of 10 for example and ask” what number do you think I’m up to? Why do you think that?
    For your main input show your slides and get them to use their fingers to show 1 more or less. Don’t forget to model a few examples first. This is then your teaching input and your follow up with their response shows how much they understand. Ask questions like ‘ how did you work that out? Someone showed 6 fingers for 1 more than 4. Can anyone explain why this is wrong?” Good luck.
  3. emjd94

    emjd94 New commenter

    I love the idea of growing and shrinking!
    That's all really helpful, thank you :)
  4. Nt31

    Nt31 New commenter

    You are welcome. Don’t forget to post on here to let us all know how you got on

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