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Reception Lesson Plan - Water?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by wrightc17, May 16, 2009.

  1. I am a PGCE student and have got my first interview this week. Needless to say I am feeling very nervous! I have to teach a creative cross curricular lesson on the theme of "The Importance of Water". Water is a fun topic and there is lots you can do but it's the 'importance' part that has thrown me a bit. Does anyone have any suggestions/ideas etc I could use? Also if there are any interview tips/possible questions I would very much appreciate them. Thanks.
  2. One of my reception children's favourite water activities was when we looked at water for power - we filled the water tray and made waves by moving a tray (held vertically) backwards and forwards and saw its effect on floating toys, we then repeated this with parachute play - makingwaves to see how high we could shoot plastic balls (the type you have in a ball pit). Their very favourite though was water pistols - seeing if a jet of water was powerful enough to knock various items over. Hope this is useful, good luck for your interview (if it's for Foundation within a primary school you might want to include something about transition into yr1/KS1 and developing a Foundation style curriculum in yr1)
  3. That's quite a toughie for interview esp for Reception.
    Will you have access to an interactive whiteboard / internet? How long does it need to be?
    The very nature of EYFS means most teacing is cross-curriculuar so make sure your lesson plan has reference to the ELGs in each of the areas as appropriate.
    Is the school near to a river or canal? you could look at the imp of water for transport - good links with the local area!
    Other areas to explore may be washing clothes/themselves, for staying healthy, for keeping fit with swimming etc. Could link to keeping safe around water. Maybe a circle time of what they think water is important for and/or an art activity to paint/collage etc posters of themselves using water. Sorting activity of pics of activities that need water/do not need water.
    Could they sequence how to clean teeth etc
    Sorry, this is a bit of a ramble! The school may also like a longer term plan of how you would exend this with continuous provision etc
    Good luck
  4. Thank you so much for your ideas. I will definely be using some of them.
    My lesson is to be 30mins long and I will have access to a whiteboard. I was thinking of starting the lesson by either (a) reading a story (Splash Joshua, Splash) which gives the children some examples of how we use water or (b) passing around a bottle of water and asking the children to brainstorm related words and ways we use water. Which do you think would be best? Then I thought I could have a 'water treasure box' which will contain items related to water (plant, watering can, soap, sponge, toothbrush, googles etc) which I can discuss with the children.
    It's the independent activity which I'm really struggling on. The assistant head from the school knows my boyfriend and he said to do something arty/creative. This would work in well with your collage idea. The only ideas i've had are general (making fish) which moves away from the 'importance' of water. Perhaps if I provided them with some collage materials they could just as you said illustrate how and why they need water. Then for the plenary we could discuss their pictures. Hopefully they would have enough time to actually finish these - 30 mins is not long. Unless I do the matching activity, but then that's not as creative.
    Oh the stress...! My interview is on wed so am hoping to get my lesson plan sorted asap. I would really appreciate your opinion on the ideas I've put forward. Many thanks again for your help.
  5. Many thanks for your suggestions. I have decided to take it from the cleaning/washing/healthy perspective. But I will be doing Water after half term in my reception class placement so I will be using some of your ideas then. Thank you!

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