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Reception Induction Process

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by chocolatesprinkles, May 7, 2012.

  1. Hello everyone,
    This year is my first in Reception (which I'm loving by the way!) and so is the first year that I shall be doing the induction process. The previous teacher didn't really do much in terms of induction and I am keen to set up a good programme to make the transition a smooth process.
    So...I was wondering if anyone has any great ideas that they would be willing to share? I've already downloaded a welcome booklet (thanks cariad2!) which I'll tweak to fit with my requirements, but I wondered about timescales and numbers of visits ect. I would really appreciate some advice on;
    When do you usually start the process?
    How many pre-visits do you do? What are the length of these visits?
    Do parent's attend and stay with the children?
    Do you do home visits?
    I work in a special school and will probably only have an intake of around 6-8 children (I'll be keeping some of my curent cohort of N/R/Y1)
    Thanks in advance for any advice you are willing to share.
  2. Hi, I did a blog post about my school's transition http://misslp.wordpress.com/2011/07/14/my-transition-experience/
    We have just done our first nursery visit because we have a lot coming from the same nursery this time. For the home visits we leave 30minutes for each one.
  3. Hi. I'm about to get my new intake info from the LA, so I start now.
    We'll be inviting children to visit with their preschool staff in June and July, withtheir parents if their not at a preschool also in June or July. These sessions are quite brief and include time in the new classroom and a tour of the parths of the school they will meet in the first few days. Parents come for an evening in June.
    Then in September classroom staff do homevisits (20-30 mins each), children come for a staggered entry, just for the morning and lunch for a few days, then full time. Parents are invited to stay with them for at least their first day and then we play that by ear.I try to have photos of the school for children to look at and samples of uniform for them to try out at all our feeder preschool this term.
    Having said that, children with special needs have more visits to the school and our SENCO (sorry, old term) makes visits to them before they start too. We may leave a moredetailed talking photo book with them over the Summer holiday. All as we are doing final assessments and reports - this time of year is such fun!!
    Hope this helps.

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