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Reception induction day....

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by DELETED USER, Jul 3, 2011.



    Hi all. I'm starting as an NQT in a reception class in September but have my induction days for my class this week. Half on Monday and the other half on Thursday.
    I've never taught reception before so I'm not too up on what to expect from them, in terms of how much they are capable of.
    Some of the children will know each other from pre school but they are a mixture really.
    I only have them for an hour and will spend the majority of the time having them go off and play and interact with each other.
    I was planning on doing something when we first enter the class to learn their names but I wasn't sure how to approach this. I was thinking a circle time game as I'm guessing most will be used to this structure from pre school.
    I then want to let them play and interact and I will go round and mingle with them and find out a bit about them and then at the end of the hour I wanted to bring them together and read them a short story to wind down.
    Does this seem like an ok induction hour?!
    Any suggestions on the circle game to start it off?
  2. cariad2

    cariad2 New commenter

    I wouldn't worry about the circle time stuff when you only have them for an hour - you could leave that until September.
    We had our induction sessions last week - 2 sessions, 1 hour each, half of the class in each session.
    I had the classroom set up with table top and carpet activities. I had a class list in advance and had a sticker with each child's name on - useful for getting to learn names, and also I knew who hadn't turned up for the session.
    Once I'd said hello to a child, and given them their sticker, they went off to play. Parents brought them to the classroom, waited as they queued (very briefly) for their sticker, and left as soon as they were settled (we had teas and coffees in a nearby room).
    The children spent some time playing, and my TA and I went around chatting to and playing with them. We had an observation sheet (class list with space next to each name for notes) so that we could write down things such as what the children liked to play with, if they were particularly shy or particularly confident, if they had a particular friend, if they responded to instructions.
    Then we had 15 minutes in the outdoor area (we're 3 form entry so timetable this so each class took turns outside - we didn't want to get the children muddled up with each other!)
    I made sure that I took a head and shoulders photo of each child when we were outside - I use these for their drawer labels and cloakroom pegs. I included the name stickers when taking the photo so I can remember who they are of, and then will crop the name off when I insert them into the drawer and cloakroom peg labels.
    Back into class for 10 minutes playing and then tidying up - even though when the first group tidied up it meant that I'd have to set up exactly the same things for the second group. It was interesting to see who helped when asked, who could work together etc.
    We finished off with a story and a few nursery rhymes.
    The children have "All About Me" scrapbooks to complete over the summer, so just before they went home, I gave these out and the children talked about what they would like to draw or stick in them.


    Very helpful reply, thank you :)
    Our induction sounds very similar to yours apart from we are collecting our classes from the hall and taking them down to the classroom. I was going to have them have name stickers but not sure when I'm putting them on them! I think it may have to be once we arrive in the classroom we will give out labels and then send them off to activities. I hadn't thought of the observation sheet - sounds like it would be very useful so I shall set that up! It's a long time between now and september so will be helpful to have things written down! Also like the idea of taking a photo of each child as then I can learn their names over summer! You have put my mind at ease! Looking forward to tomorrow!
  4. Hi
    I am new to reception. Thank you for your post, I like the idea of name labels and then taking photos (so no one gets confused)
    Just wondering where you got your "All about me" scrapbook from
    Many thanks
  5. cariad2

    cariad2 New commenter

    We ordered the books from an education catalogue. They're just large exercise books with plain paper inside.
    We stick on a front cover (piece of A4 paper, slightly smaller than the actual book) with "All About Me by" and a space to add child's name printed on.
    On the inside front cover we stick an A4 sheet with suggestions of what children might like to put in the book. I've uploaded it to the Resource Bank (it's with our Welcome Booklet)

  6. Hi
    I am new to Foundation Stage and I am meeting my class for the afternoon next week. Was wondering if anyone had any activities which I could use with my foundation stage/ year 1 children. I really like the idea of the "all about me" scrapbook and thought about getting them to draw pictures of themselves for a display when they come back in September and taking photos of the children. Wondered if anyone had any circle time activities which would be suitable for the children? Or any other suggestions? Have no idea what resources I will find in the classroom!

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